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5 Reasons Why Millennials Are The True Stoner Generation

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Millennials have it more difficult than previous generations for a lot of reasons. We’re more broke than the previous generations. This means that we’re less likely to buy a house when we’re ready to have a family. We’re drowning in student loans and a college degree is no longer a guarantee for a high paying job. We’re also working more hours for less money. Millennials also happen to be everyone’s favorite scapegoat. Is it any wonder why we’re smoking more weed than every other generation?

Millennials Weren’t Around For Nancy Reagan

Generation X is not that fond of cannabis, according to a new poll on This might be because when they were growing up, the Reagan Administration was heavily pushing its anti-cannabis “just say no” message. This useless campaign was promoted throughout the eighties and the early nineties before people figured out that it wasn’t working. As it turns out, Reagan’s propaganda heavily influenced that generation’s attitude toward cannabis. Millennials were either not born yet, or were too young to be subjected to the Reagans’ message. When I was in elementary school in the early nineties I was forced to sit through failures like the DARE program. I noticed a distinct absence of these programs when I entered the latter half of my public school career. I can tell you that the DARE program did not work.

Majority Of Millennials Support Legalization

According a Gallup poll millennials support cannabis legalization more than Boomers and Gen-Xers. More than half of Republican millennials, and 77 percent of Democratic millennials support legalizing cannabis throughout the US. This is compared to 57 percent among Generation X and 38 percent among the Baby Boomers. Millennials love our cannabis and we’re not afraid to say it!

Millennials Have Better Weed

Thanks to advancements in technology and botany, the cannabis that we have available today is stronger and better than it ever was in years past. Today we have thousands of different strains of cannabis, all of which are amazing. The dirt weed that was a staple of the earlier decades is all but non-existent now. Millennials also have more ways to smoke their herb than the previous generations. We have dabs now, for one.

Cannabis Use Is Now More Socially Acceptable Than Ever Before

This is a great time to be a stoner. Cannabis is legal in more countries than ever before, and over half the US. Cannabis use does not carry the same stigma that it once did. Today more people are open about their cannabis usage. According to a recent gallup poll, 33 million American adults now use cannabis regularly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there were less stoners back in the day, more like people aren’t afraid to be out and proud as stoners.

There Is More Information Available About Cannabis

Today with the internet, all the information that anyone ever wanted to know about cannabis is available at their fingertips. Today’s stoners are able to educate themselves and are less likely to be taken in by anti-cannabis propaganda. Millennials get most of their news from the internet, as opposed to the corporate news outlets that the previous generations had to rely on. Thanks to the internet, millennials are well informed on pretty much everything, including cannabis.

Millennials are the true stoner generation. They are currently smoking more than any other generation. They not only have better weed, but also better ways to smoke it. Millennials not only love cannabis, they are much more well informed about it than the previous generations.

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