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5 Reasons I’d Rather Date A Stoner Than A Drunk

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I’ve dated both stoners and drunks. Both were completely different experiences. I can tell you that I definitely prefer the former over the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to enjoy a few drinks; I just prefer weed. I also prefer my partners to smoke weed than drink.

Stoners Are More Chill

Stoner guys are way more chill than drunk guys. How often do you witness drunk dudes get into fights at bars and house parties? All the time, right? Now, how often do you see a bunch of stoner dudes get into fights? That pretty much never happens. That’s not to say that stoners never fight and drunk people always do, but alcohol tends to bring out the worst in people, while weed tends to bring out the best.

Stoners Are More Respectful

When some guys are drunk, their respect for personal boundaries (particularly those of women) tend to go out the window. I’ve been hit on by drunk guys more times than I can recall, even after telling them that I’m in a relationship and I’m not interested. Stoners don’t pull that type of crap. Booze tends to bring out the arrogance in people. A guy who is pretty decent when he’s sober can turn into a real asshole after he’s had a few shots. When I’m around guys who are stoned, they just want to hang out and enjoy being high. Everything isn’t a competition with stoner guys.

Stoners Spend Less Money

Drinking is an expensive habit, especially if you like to go out. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with going to the bar every once in awhile, but going out every weekend really starts to add up. When you date a drunk, they spend a lot of money on alcohol. As a result, they often have no money and then they start asking you for money, which you probably won’t get back. Weed can be an expensive habit, but as long as you’re not buying a bag every other day, it’s not nearly as expensive as going to bars, or buying beer every night.

Stoners Are Better In Bed

Guys who drink too much tend to get what is unaffectionately referred to as “whiskey dick”. This does not happen to guys who smoke weed. Cannabis actually enhances sexual experiences and gives guys more stamina. A stoner guy is also less likely to pass out on top of you in the middle of the act. Couples who smoke weed together also have less incidents of domestic violence, whereas couples who drink tend to get into it a lot more.

Stoners Don’t Stink

Next time you’re around someone who drinks too much, take a whiff. You can smell alcohol seeping through their pores and you can definitely smell it on their breath. Even if they don’t happen to be drinking at the time, their body is still metabolizing alcohol and they still smell like booze. Stoners on the other hand smell like dank buds. I’ll take that smell over booze anytime.

I’ve been in relationships with people who were stoners, drunks, and both. I can definitely say that I would much rather date a stoner than a drunk. Stoners tend to do a lot less stupid shit than drunk guys who are trying to impress me. I’d rather smoke bong bowls with you than take shots. Excessive alcohol use changes people, and not for the better. Let’s get high instead of going to the bar.

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