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5 Reasons The Fourth Of July Is The Best Stoner Holiday

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Today is the Fourth of July, as you all know, a time when we are supposed to reflect on and celebrate American Independence. While I have my own opinions on the direction the country is going, I nevertheless love the Fourth of July. It’s got everything that a good day should have: tons of food, fireworks, tacky American flag outfits, and of course, getting high.

All The Food You Can Eat

Like most stoners, I love food. Two of my favorite activities are cooking delicious foods, and then eating them. Probably my favorite thing about the Fourth of July is the massive amounts of food everywhere. No matter where you’re at, chances are you know someone who is throwing a barbecue. For some reason, potato salad just tastes better on the Fourth. Get baked and stuff your face!

Most Of Us Get The Day Off

We stoners love getting the day off (who doesn’t?). A day off means more time to chill and get high all day. You also don’t have to worry about getting too high because you don’t have to go to work later. Do some dabs and enjoy your little midweek vacation! You’ve earned it!

You Get To Blow Shit Up

Of course we cannot forget about the fireworks. Fireworks are so awesome, I seriously wish that they were available year round. Had a bad day at the office? Go home and light off some M-80s. Do some bong rips and play with some sparklers. I suppose if fireworks were available year round, then they wouldn’t be as special. Fireworks are not only fun to light, they’re fun to watch. The bright colors and flashing lights really pop when you’re baked. A word of caution: Be careful. If you’re too baked to play with fireworks, then you should hang back and let someone else handle everything. Sitting back and enjoying the show works just as well too.

Fourth Of July Sales

There are Fourth of July sales going on everywhere right now. So far this holiday weekend I have seen ads for sales on food, clothes, cars, and appliances. Those aren’t the types of sales that you should care about. You should pay a visit to your local dispensary and see what deals they have going on. I know that Colorado in particular has some crazy deals going on. You’ve gotta stock up for the big barbecue you’re going to, right? Speaking of sales, don’t forget to check out our sale going on right now!

Swimming And Other Outdoor Activities

Thanksgiving and Christmas also involve eating a lot of dank foods and having the day off, but there’s still one thing that majorly sucks about those holidays, and that is the fact that they take place in the middle of winter. Unless you live in California, or are majorly into outdoor winter sports (which you really should get into), you are going to be stuck indoors. Fourth of July also has food, but there’s the added bonus of being able to go swimming and/ or camping. Can we all agree that few things feel as awesome as jumping into a pool or lake when you’re freshly baked.

Image Source: Curbed Seattle

Did we miss any? Share the reasons why you love the Fourth of July in the comments below!