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5 Most Colorful Bongs Available Now at Grasscity

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I love bright colors. I cover myself in them from head to toe each day. My favorite glass we offer here are the bright and colorful pieces. I have my favorites that I visit the site just to gaze upon their vibrant glory! Sometimes you just need a splash of color in your life! Check out some of the super rad, most  colorful bongs for sale right here on Grasscity!

Black Leaf Ganesha Rising Straight Tube Glass Bong

For those cannabis lovers who are looking to indulge a little more of their spiritual side, we are proud to offer the Ganesha Rising straight tube bong from Black Leaf. Ganesha is the Hindu god of good luck, wisdom and success. This colorful straight tube bong is a must have for those who love beautiful colors and fun designs!

Noble Glass 12 Inch Tall Blue Glass Bong with Blue Wrap and Foot

No list about the most colorful bongs available right now on Grasscity would be complete without a piece from Noble Glass! This striking cobalt blue water pipe is made from hand blown soft glass, with fixed patterns embedded in the glass. Hold one of these up to the sunlight sometime and be amazed at the dazzling and intricate details in the glass.

Black Leaf Mushroom Tree Straight Tube Glass Bong

If you’re a fan of bright colors and an even bigger fan of mushies, you’ll just adore the Mushroom Tree straight tube glass bong from Black Leaf! This piece stands at just over a foot and a half tall, with a gorgeous color print of a mushroom tree decorating the tube. It reminds me a lot of those velvet blacklight posters many of us had in our teenage bedrooms in the nineties and early aughts. Any fan of classic stoner art should consider adding this beaut to their glass collection.

Noble glass most colorful bongs blue

There is always more to Noble Glass than first meets the eye! Image Source: Instagram/grasscityheadshop

Noble Glass 14 Inch Tall Blue Glass Bong with Clear Wrap & Blue Foot

I must confess that Noble Glass is one of my favorite glass brands, so I may be a little bit biased, but one look at this blue glass bong with its stunning dichro wrap should be enough for you to see things my way! The gorgeous glass patterns in the base and mouthpiece will make you think of swimming in a splendid blue lake on a hot summer’s day.

Grav Labs Jane West Collection | The Beaker | Mint Green

This beautiful jade green beaker bong from the Jane West Collection is the perfect addition to any cannabis lover’s collection, especially those who love beautiful colors. While there are no color patterns on this bong, it is a striking and elegant shade of jade green, and sure to stand out on your shelf.  

noble most colorful bongs orange

This piece is fire! Image Source: Instagram/grasscityheadshop

Noble Glass Orange Glass Bong with Clear Dichro Wrap and Foot

Gazing upon this bright orange bong from Noble Glass (a brand which will feature prominently in this list) evokes a number of feelings, at least in me. I think of brilliant sunsets on the beach I spent most of my teenage years on, or retro furniture at a 70s coke dealer’s house. Whatever feeling this brilliantly fire colored glass bong evokes in you, you cannot deny it’s magnificence. I personally love the orange and yellow matching foot that dresses up the base of the bong.

Mini Inside-Out Glass Vapor Bong with Reversals and Switchbacks

If you’re looking for something truly unique and eye catching, you will be instantly enamored with this inside-out glass vapor bong from Mountain Jam Glass Company. This piece is among one of the most colorful bongs you will find here at Grasscity, with rainbow colored reversals and switchbacks covering the base and the neck. The vapor bong also features an opalescent marble attached to the back of the body. It’s a real work of art and a must have for any glass collector!

Noble Glass Green Glass Bong with Black Wrap and Foot

Naturally the last entry on this list of most colorful bongs would have to be another piece from Noble Glass, right? This gorgeous green bong is made from the same hand blown soft glass you’ve come to expect from Noble Glass, in an elegant shade of emerald green that will remind you of the plant you love to smoke!

Which of these most colorful bongs do you need in your collection? Tell us in the comments below!