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5 Meanings Behind The Name Of Your Strain

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Did you know that there actually is a point to naming strains of cannabis? For the longest time I thought that the names of the different strains were nothing more than marketing tools for more gullible pot heads. I didn’t really care what the name of the strain I was smoking was, I just wanted to smoke it and get high. Now that I’ve been smoking for almost a couple decades, I’ve come to appreciate the time and care that goes into cultivating the different strains of cannabis, including the thought that goes into naming them.

Differentiates Between Indica And Sativa

The first thing that the name of a strand should tell you is whether it’s an indica or sativa. If the strain that you’re smoking has the name of a fruit in it, then it’s most likely an indica. Indicas are often named after fruit, because they have a fruitier taste than sativas. Many sativas have the name “haze”. Hybrids are usually a mixture of the two. If you’re smoking something like “ blueberry skunk haze”, then that would be a hybrid, meaning it is both an indica and a sativa.

Where It Originates From

Sometimes the name of the strain will tell you where the original strain was grown. This may not necessarily be where the particular strain that you’re smoking was grown, however. Common consensus is that strains with the name “kush” get the name because the original kush was grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range that runs between the Afghanistan and northern Pakistan borders. Contrary to popular belief, OG does not stand for “original gangster”, it actually stands for “ocean grown”, typically meaning that the strain was grown in California, or close to the coast.

The History Of The Strain

Every strain that you smoke has a bit of a history lesson in it. The CBD strain “Charlotte’s Web” is only partially a reference to the popular children’s book. The name is mainly a dedication to the young girl Charlotte, who suffered from dravet syndrome, causing her to suffer from hundreds of debilitating seizures each day, until her parents began treating her with CBD cannabis.

The Appearance

A lot of the strain names are for aesthetic purposes. Purple Kush is named as such because of the bright purple hue it has when it matures. If you’ve ever seen a picture of White Widow, then you know that it’s almost blindingly white in color. The popular strain Girl Scout Cookies, really looks pretty similar to a frosted cookie, you just have to use your imagination..

The Aroma

When you first start using cannabis, you might think that all strains smell the same, that is skunky. Once you’ve been around the block in terms of weed smoking, you realize that the different strains all have pretty distinct smells. For instance, indicas smell fruitier than sativas, which have a more earthy scent. If you’re smoking something named after a fruit, it’s probably partially because of the smell and the aforementioned fruit taste.

Of course, sometimes the names don’t mean anything; recently I smoked a sativa named Obama. As far as I could tell it was just an homage to the first black American president. It was fun to say “I’m smoking Obama!” You need the names though, otherwise they would all be named “cannabis strain #1124567” or something like that. Think of the names like taxonomy for cannabis.

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