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5 LGBTQ Friendly Cannabis Companies You Should Support

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In honor of Pride, we decided to take a look at some cannabis businesses, dispensaries, etc., that are owned and operated by members of our LGBTQ community. Be sure to go check some of them out!

Benefit Health Collective

Benefit Health Collective was founded by Christine De La Rosa who is known in the LGBTQ community as Miz Chris, after she nearly died from complications due to lupus in 2009. After that scare Miz Chris decided to give cannabis a try. At first she was dissatisfied with the results, that is until she discovered CBD. After seeing good results with CBD, De La Rosa decided to open up a dispensary of her own, the Benefit Health Collective.


Farolero, aka the Faro Cannabis Kitchen was founded by Paige Kazazian and Staci Nagy, both of whom identify as queer. Faro Kitchen is devoted to providing holistic remedies, not junk food that gets you high. Neither Kazazian or Nagy are what you would consider stoners. They’re not really huge fans of the whole “getting high thing”. “What really brought us together around this company is that neither of us is interested in getting stoned or getting high all that often, but [we both] believe in the medical benefits [of cannabis],” Nagy said in an interview with Outfront Magazine, a couple months ago.

Wings of Wellness

Wings of Wellness was founded by trans activist and photpgrapher Leon Mostovoy. Together Mostovoy and his business partner Buck Angel have been activists and advocates for the LGBTQ community for decades. Mostovoy’s product line Pride Cannabis donates one dollar per sale to the LA LGBT Center’s Senior Services department, to help out senior members of the LGBTQ community. Wings of Wellness is based out of Orange County, California and serves most of that area.

Dockside Cannabis

Dockside Cannabis, located in Seattle, is a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association which is the largest LGBTQ allied chamber of commerce in the world. As such, they are sure to have some awesome deals going on for Pride. Why not go check them out?


Located in San Francisco, SPARC is operated by president Erich Pearson, who identifies proudly as gay. If that weren’t enough, the dispensary also throws a monthly drag show/ dab bar party, hosted by local performers Trangela Landsbury and Punky Pebbles. Be sure to go see what all of that is about!

Image Source:  Vancouver Courier

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