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5 Dope Vape-N-Go Activities For Your Next Stoner Outing

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One of the main complications for stoners is the inability to smoke outside of their home, whether it be to legal limitations or that they simply lack a piece that is suitable for outdoor use. This trend of stoners staying in their caves is severely limiting the cannabis experience. To me, being outdoors is the only true way to enjoy cannabis. Find your love for the outdoors again by grabbing your G-pen or PAX 2 and doing some of these awesome vape-n-go activities!

1. Hiking

Plenty of people will claim that hiking isn’t for them before they even walk a trail, but that’s just because they haven’t found the beauty in the walk. For some people it’s the silence, for some it’s the nature, for some it’s simply the fresh air. When you’re puffin on your vape and strolling on the trail you’re sure to gain new appreciation for all of these things, but even if it turns out you don’t, at least you had a good excuse to enjoy nature and vape in a semi-private and pleasant setting.

2. Markets Or Street Fairs

Most of us have likely already succumbed to shopping on Amazon for most of our needs, or turing to WalMart in a pinch, but don’t forget the importance of supporting small business in your community! When was the last time you took a walk around your town’s commercial district and looked at all of the businesses? Does your city have street fairs or weekend markets? All of these places may surprise you with a selection and quality of items that you won’t be able to find at big-box stores, and if it’s outdoors you can vape and browse! Why would you ever go back to internet shopping after that?

3. Biking Or Skating

Looking to be really on the go? Grab some wheels and take to the town with vape in hand and explore the concrete jungle that is your town or city. Maybe the city isn’t your scene, have no fear, load up your bicycle and take it to the trails for a day of leisurely nature riding or some more intense dirt paths! Just make sure if you’re riding around that you’re vaping with care or only vaping when you’ve stopped.

4. Outdoor Concerts

Nothing pairs with cannabis quite like music. It’s like every note crispers and clears so that you can hear how each one complements the next, and you feel the base on every inch of your skin, like a wave crashing onto the beach. The only way this marriage of cannabis and music gets better is when you enjoy your tunes live! Check out and see if you have any local outdoor venues and concerts coming up and experience a your new favorite way to listen to music!

5. Frisbee Golf

If you’re feeling a little competitive, but still want to be able to enjoy the tranquility that is the outdoors, you should definitely look into frisbee golf! Most places will usually have community courses in local parks, and it’s a relatively cheap and easy sport to get into. I’m sure during your first outing you’ll notice just how many people carry coolers of beers or vapes with them while they play the game. That’s because frisbee golf is a lot like real golf, there’s a lot of walking, talking, and downtime. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your company and vape as you play through the back nine.

Featured Image Source: Imgur

What other active or on-the-go things have you taken your vape to do, let us know in the comments!