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5 Differences Between Conduction And Convection Vapes

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Those who are starting to get into vaping probably have a few questions about it. The most common question that I hear is, “What is the difference between conduction and convection?” Some people throw around the two terms as though they are synonymous, but there are actually a lot of differences between the two.

The Way They Heat Up

This is probably the biggest difference. Conduction vapes work by heating up your herb directly. The heat source comes in direct contact with your flower, which in turn vaporizes the cannabinoids. Convection vapes heat your herb by passing hot air through it and around it. The energy is transferred through liquid, which creates the vapor that you inhale.

Conduction Vapes Heat Faster

Conduction vapes have much shorter warm up times than convection vapes. This is because the design for a conduction vape is much simpler than a convection vape. The only drawback to this is that conduction vapes have a greater chance of combustion. If you’re a more cautious person, then a convection vape is probably a better choice for you. Convection vapes can take a while to heat up, hence one of the reasons that portable vapes tend to be conduction vapes.

Convection Vapes Have More Accurate Temperature Control

Because of the way that they are designed, convection vapes allow for more accurate temperature control. This is important because if you vape your herb at too high a temperature, you’re going to just end up roasting it. You may as well just smoke it at that point. If you vape it at too low a temperature, then you’re not going to get anything out of it. Conduction vapes have much more general temperature settings; mine only has four settings. If you tend to be really particular about the way you consume your cannabis, then you’ll probably prefer a convection vape.

Conduction Vapes are More Inexpensive

A large part of the appeal of conduction vapes is that they’re more portable, and are therefore, less expensive. This is why some recommend that first timers start out with a conduction vape. That way, if you decide vaping is not your thing, you didn’t drop a large chunk on a Volcano that you’ll never use.

Convection Vapes Are More Efficient

By design, convection vapes are more efficient than conduction vapes, so again they’re better suited for cannabis connoisseurs. This is not to say that conduction vapes are crap. Convection vapes just heat your herb more evenly, so you’ll most likely get more out of it. Having used both, I would say that the difference is negligible.

Neither One Is Better Than The Other

People often ask of conduction and convection vapes, which is the better of the two? The answer is neither, or both. Some people prefer convection because it’s more efficient and they think it tastes better. Others prefer conduction vapes because they’re more simple, and they heat faster. Some don’t have a preference and just like both. It’s really up to your personal preference.

Image Source: Insider

Do you have a preference between conduction and convection vapes? Tell us about your favorite vapes in the comments below!