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5 Dank Ways To Hotbox

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Hotboxing is fun and it definitely does work, according to a study done by Johns Hopkins. If you love hotboxing, then you should definitely try some of these ways to hotbox. All are guarantees for a good time!

Classic Blanket And Pillow Fort

Remember all those blanket and pillow forts that you built when you were a kid? Put those building skills to use and make your own hotboxing fort. If you’ve never made a blanket and pillow fort, then first of all what kind of childhood did you have? Just kidding, they’re really easy to make. Set up some couch cushions and large sturdy pillows for your walls and use a large comforter as your roof. You get extra points if you build it near an outlet so you can plug in a lava lamp for some nice ambience. Once you have a good sturdy fort, invite some friends over and blaze a few bowls. It’ll feel like you’re at a slumber party again!

Bunk Beds

If you or one of your friends has a set of bunk beds then you can tuck a couple blankets under each side of the mattress on the top bunk. Then you have a little mini fort to toke up in! Smoke a couple bowls and then tell some scary stories. Make sure you have plenty of snacks. I don’t know about you, but I would buy a bunk bed just so I could turn it into a hotbox fort to hang out in.

Giant Cardboard Box

Find a giant cardboard box, like a refrigerator or washing machine box and try hotboxing that for a couple bowls. For extra fun you could make a box fort by taping together a bunch of larger boxes. You get extra points if you make a box castle and create a sigil. Better yet, make a couple box castles with your friends, hotbox them and then reenact your favorite battles from Game of Thrones. Instead of the “Battle of Blackwater” you can have the “Battle of Bongwater.”

Snow Fort/ Igloo

The winter months will be here before you know it, so why not build a snow fort or an igloo to hotbox in? If you don’t know how to build a legitimate igloo, or if you want to speed the process up, use wood pallets for the roof and the walls. If you want to keep your snow fort around for more than a week, make sure you put a ventilation hole in the top, otherwise it will melt pretty quickly. Don’t worry it will still get plenty hotboxed.

Walk-in Pantry

This is one of the best places to hotbox because for one, you don’t have to put in any effort. Most importantly, your munchie food is right there within your reach. Bring in water, soda, or anything to cure your cottonmouth and you won’t need to leave for hours!


Naturally you’re going to hotbox your tent when you’re camping, but your tent even makes a good place to hotbox anytime. If you have a private, or at least semi-private backyard, then invite some friends over, put up the tent and have a mini camping trip! After hotboxing the tent, you can all sit outside and enjoy being high under the stars. As a bonus, you don’t have to shit in the woods!

Hawaiian Hotbox

Hawaiian hotboxing sounds exotic, but it’s something that anyone can do, as long as they have a working shower. You’ve probably done this before and didn’t even realize there was a term for it. Anyways, all you do is run your shower and let the bathroom get all steamy, all the while smoking up. The steam will be great for your skin and if you’re in a situation where you need to cover up the dank smell this is the best way to hotbox.

Honestly, I haven’t hotboxed since my earlier smoking days when I had a reason to keep my smoke private. These ideas sound awesome, so I’m probably going to build a blanket fort when I get home from class tonight.

Featured Image Source: Imgur

What awesome ways have you hotboxed? Tell us in the comments!