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5 Best Strains for Nursing a Hangover

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Today is St. Paddy’s day, a day in which everyone celebrates getting drunk by getting really drunk. Of course there’s also the whole thing about driving the Druids out of Ireland, but what most people are going to be focusing on is the whole getting drunk aspect. Then we will all wake up tomorrow and be quite hungover. All those Irish Car Bombs don’t seem like they were that great of an idea now, do they? What are you loading in your bubbler tomorrow? It should probably be one of these strains.

Jack Herer

I made sure to stock up on plenty of this for my inevitable pilgrimage to pray to the porcelain god. This fast hitting sativa named after the famed “Emperor of Hemp” author and activist Jack Herer is the perfect strain for dealing with a nasty hangover. It will instantly make you feel happy and uplifted, which is great when you feel anchored to the bed.


This hybrid strain has a THC:CBD ratio of about 1:20 so it’s not going to get you high, but when it comes to curing a headache you cannot go wrong with some ACDC. Though it’s a sativa, you’re not going to feel the usual psychoactive effects because there are only trace amounts of THC in this offshoot of high CBD strain Cannatonic. You will still feel relaxed and calm, which combined with a swimming pool’s worth of water will cure what ails you (or at least make your head stop pounding).

Super Silver Haze

This delicious and sticky Cannabis Cup winner is guaranteed to help ease you into Monday morning as it provides as much energy as a good cup of coffee, while also enabling you to feel relaxed and chipper as birds on a beautiful spring morning. At the very least you’ll be able to pull your head out from under the pillow.

Northern Lights

Now we’ll switch things up for an indica. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for a hangover is to sleep it off, and that is exactly what this strain will do. You will feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud. You may want to pack a bowl before you pass out.

Stephen Hawking Kush

This strain of Kush is a bit different than any that you’ve ever tried. This strain is higher in CBD than other Kush strains, and is especially valued for its curative properties as a pain reliever above all else. You will also feel all of your stress melt away, making it the perfect strain for lying on the couch binge watching Netflix tomorrow.


What are your go to strains for nursing a hangover? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!