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5 Awesome Bongs that Feature Showerhead Percolators

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There are plenty of kinds of percolation systems, simple ones, like the slitted inline, to the tree, to more complicated variants such as the honeycomb, as well as dozens of other ground-breaking percolation technologies that aren’t even standard yet. One of the most consistent and dependable percolators is the showerhead perc, featuring a 360 degree slitted design intended to distribute smoke evenly throughout the water chamber in multitudes of miniature bubbles. Check out some of these awesome bongs that make great use showerheads, sometimes to insane lengths! Who knows, you might find your next piece!

1. Four Twenty- Vapor bong with Double Showerhead percs

List Price: $199.00

A bong that has been specified for vapor use, the Four Twenty Vapor Bong features a double percolation system with specially slitted showerhead percolators perfect for smoking oils and concentrates.

This piece can tower over other water pipes with a height of 43 centimeters, (17 inches) and a glass thickness of 5mm, making it an excellent choice to bring out when wanting to create some serious hits, but not too big to make it clumsy or difficult to store.

With the double showerhead action combined with a streamlined smoke delivery and splash guards, you’re guaranteed to get smooth, large, hits without the extra worry of getting slapped in the lips by bong water.

2.Blaze Glass- Triple Showerhead percolation system

List Price: $199.00

Featuring an insane triple-showerhead percolation system, your hits will stream through the attached reinforced downstem into the center-most showerhead and will be percolated into the next showerhead immediately, and then another one after that, creating an impeccably smooth draw with consistent smoke dispersion and filtration.

Also featuring a low splash-guard, your bubbles will consistently be contained in the main water chamber, allowing the hit stream uninhibited past the ice catchers through to the extended mouthpiece. This piece is truly the top of the list when you want to make sure your hit is as filtered as possible, and with the ice-catchers in the mouthpiece, it might very be one of the coolest, smoothest hits you could get from a showerhead percolation bong.



3. Grace Glass- Limited Edition Double Showerhead perc with Detachable Chambers

List Price $229.00

Integrating the technology of detachable components, the Grace Glass water pipe allows the user to add or remove attachments from this piece as well as possibly combine with pieces from other water pipes from the same line. In addition to this mix-and-match capability, the ability to separate individual pieces, from the base to the mouthpiece, allows opportunity for a much easier time cleaning though hard to get to areas of your glass.

The base of the piece contains a single showerhead percolator along with the attached downstem, it’s connection of the second percolation chamber not only offers another dose of filtration of the smoke for a thoroughly filtered hit, but the separation of each chamber works as individual splash guards as well.

With all components attached, this bong stands at a whopping 47cm (18.5 inches) tall, however does provide users with the unique opportunity by drastically reducing it’s height by removing the middle percolation chamber.

4. Three Monkey- Ostrich Egg Design with Showerhead perc

List Value: $199.00

The Ostrich Egg, created by Three Monkey Designs based in California, USA is an affordable water pipe that offers unique qualities based on it’s shape.

Featuring an inline-slitted percolator as well as a showerhead percolator, the piece allows for a quality filtration within it’s smaller water chamber that also reduces water splashing into the mouthpiece due to it’s egg-shaped design. Combining these traits with the height of the water-pipe, 25.4 cm (10 inches), the Ostrich Egg would make an excellent desk piece to offer you consistently smooth hits throughout the workday.

5. Jerome Baker- Glass Vapor Bubbler with Showerhead perc

List Price: $280.00

The Jerome Baker Glass Vapor Bubbler is for the stoner who truly appreciates simplicity and style. All Jerome Baker products are hand blown and are individually unique. Not only that, but with the purchase of this piece comes a laboratory-grade boroscilicate glass nail with a dome, or a domeless nail depending on the inventory of the provider.

With a short water chamber featuring only an integrated downstem ending with a slitted showerhead percolator and an adjoining mouthpiece, this piece is an excellent personal item to keep around for easy access to smooth hits from quality American glass.

Featured Image Source: Youtube

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