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5 Under $5 Essentials For Your Stoner Stash

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There are too many stoners in the world that only focus on the multi-hundred dollar section of headshops. Although what type of bong you buy will make a big difference in your smoking experience, it’s just one part of it. There are many other things to consider when smoking, such as how you’re storing your bud and concentrates, how you’re lighting your bowl, whether or not your bong is protected from damage, and so on. There are many smaller items that are just as important to improving your smoke sesh as your piece, so take a look at some of these $5 essentials for your stoner stash!

1. Pipe Screens

Pipe screens are truly magical little buggers. They’re cheap, they’re disposable, and they usually come in packs of 10. A screen will do an excellent job at preventing the percolators in your bongs from getting clogged, and they are also superb at preventing the inhalation of scooby snacks if you prefer smoking out of spoon bowls or sherlocks. There are two main types of screens: brass and stainless steel. Some claim that stainless steel tastes cleaner, and others claim there’s no real difference, but of course the choice is really up to you. Whichever kind you decide, you can’t deny the difference they make in keeping your glass clean.

2. Pre-Rolled Cones

Feeling too lazy to roll your own joint? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Pre-rolled paper cones come just as it sounds, pre-rolled and ready to fill. All you do is load up your bud, pack it if you want, twist the top and you’re ready to light up! This is definitely essential for whenever you’re low on time, or┬ánobody nearby is a master joint roller.

3. Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are a cheap but essential piece to any dabber’s stash. If you want to store your concentrates in the most effective way possible that allows you to use more of your concentrate than any other type of container, you get silicone. Heat resistant, cold resistant, silicone is the ultimate container to manipulate your concentrates in. Need to pull all of your wax out for a massive 1 gram dab? Throw your silicone jar into the freezer for a few minutes and when you pull it out again you’ll be able to scrape 100% of the concentrates out of the container. There are multitudes of silicone products for dab use, but start with this one.

4. Hemp Wick

Worried about inhaling butane during your bong rips? Hemp wick solves that issue with a slow-burning twine that is butane and sulfur free. The wick will also extend the life of your lighters considerably, since you won’t need to hold down the butane during hits anymore. A trick that I usually like to do is wrap my favorite lighter in hemp twine so I always have some on the go!

5. Keck Clip

The keck clip is up there in my list of Top 5 favorite stoner inventions, because it kinda kicks ass. A keck clip will clip onto your downstem and bong connection, and hold the downstem firmly in place. At first glance, it’s just a little extra security that you don’t accidentally pull out the downstem instead of the bowl, and it’s a decent guard for those already fragile joints, but where the keck clip really shines is a few bowls into your smoke sesh. Have you ever tried to pull a bowl out of your piece and your downstem stuck to the joint of the bowl? The keck clip says ‘Never Again!’ Bowl after bowl you can smoke and never worry about your downstem pulling out of your piece again. You can’t put a price on ease of mind, my friend.

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