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420 Suites is Your Boston Area Cannabis Concierge

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Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis 2 years ago and with the state’s medical market now up and running, cannabis tourists are flocking to Beantown. It’s great to vacation in legal states, but the issue that you run into when you get an AirBnB is that pretty much 100 percent of the time, the place that you’re staying at is not going to allow you to smoke weed on the premises. You also can’t smoke up out in public. What’s a cannabis tourist to do, other than risk getting a public consumption ticket? This is where 420 Suites, your very own cannabis concierge comes in handy.

420 Suites, which was debuted at Boston CannaCon earlier this year, promises to give customers the ultimate cannabis friendly destination vacation. First of all, they offer weed friendly rentals, which is amazing. I got lucky the last trip I took because the lady we rented from ended up being quite awesome and very pro weed. Most people are not that lucky.

Wait it gets better. A gift basket containing various cannabis related goodies such as CBD chocolates, hemp toiletries, and dispensary discounts awaits each guest. You even get a free Uber ride to the dispensary.

As of right now 420 Suites is the only cannabis concierge, but definitely expect that to change. Cannabis tourism is poised to blow up, especially as Canada prepares their legal market. Before too long you’ll probably be able to find a service like this in every major city in a weed friendly state in America.

Source: Boston Metro


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