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4 Ways Being A Stoner Makes You A Better Worker

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Cannabis lovers are told that they’re bad workers because they smoke pot. As with most stereotypes about cannabis users, this is based on old prejudices that have since been proven untrue. The fact is that smoking weed can help you be a much better worker, as long as you know how to use it correctly.

Cannabis Increases Motivation

We’ve already debunked the myth of the unmotivated stoner here. Cannabis does play a large part in increasing motivation as long as you’re smoking the right kind. Smoking an indica is more likely to decrease motivation, but sativas are great for when you really need to get things done. If you need any more proof that cannabis does not negatively affect motivation, just look at the large number of successful business owners, actors, and scientists who are currently using cannabis, or have used it during their lives.

Cannabis Enhances Creativity

Cannabis also helps to enhance creativity. Again, this is as long as you are using the right strain. This makes cannabis great for doing things like creating art and for some, writing those long term papers that we students love to write. How cannabis affects creativity goes further than doing artistic things. Many successful business owners have claimed that cannabis use has helped them to come up with great ideas to help their businesses. In short, cannabis helps you think outside the box.

It Helps You Focus

Cannabis is starting to be used medicinally to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Cannabis can even be used to help people who do not have ADHD concentrate. This is because cannabis increases dopamine production in the brain, which helps people attain the focus they need to complete tasks. If you want to use cannabis to increase your focus I recommend using a sativa strain, such as Sour Diesel.

Cannabis Can Actually Increase Cognitive Function

A study from the University of Minnesota from a couple years ago aimed to prove that cannabis not only does not affect the brain negatively, but it actually increases it. Their results showed that they were right. Cannabis users who started at a young age were shown to be “high functioning,” their IQs were proportionate to the control group consisting of non-users, and cannabis users were shown to process things faster. The same study also showed that university students who used cannabis often scored better on exams than their nonsmoking counterparts.

It Helps You Relax

It may not seem like you want to be relaxed if you need to get things done, but relaxation is very beneficial when it comes to dealing with stress. When you’re too stressed out, you have difficulty concentrating and your brain can’t prioritize what it is that you need to get done. Cannabis helps decrease stress and anxiety, which will help you get more work done in the long run. If you need to relax, instead of smoking a strongly sativa strain, smoke an indica.

So as you can see, using cannabis can not only help you be a good worker, in some cases you’ll be a BETTER worker than your nonsmoking peers. So keep lighting up, and you just may get that promotion.

Featured Image Source: WeedMaps

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