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4 Tips For Dealing With A Mooch

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We’ve all had that friend who mooches off of us. Dealing with this person can require either tactfulness and finesse, or you can go the more direct route, which is what I find more effective.

Don’t Smoke Around Them

One of the simplest and most effective things that you can do when dealing with a mooch is to just stop smoking around them. When they come over hide your stash, and don’t bring up getting high. If your “friend” brings up smoking herb, just say that you’re good. Eventually this person will stop calling you or popping in unannounced. Then feel free to smoke up all you want with friends who return the favor.

Load A Bowl Of Seeds

This is what would be considered in some circles as a “dick move”, but desperate times call for dickish measures. Save up all of your seeds. Depending what type of herb you get, this may take a while. Load a bowl filled with seeds, then top it off with a little bit of herb. When he lights up and the bowl pops in his face, tell him it’s time to start contributing. Then maybe toss him a pity smoke

Start Them A Tab

Another option for dealing with a mooch, is handling it the way that bars do, that is, starting them a tab. After a month of them smoking all of your herb, hand them a bill. Tell them that you don’t mind helping out a friend in need, but it’s time for them to start contributing their fair share. Herb is expensive and you’re not running a charity.

Cut Them Off

The last option is of course, to just cut this person out of your life. Unless they’re a really good friend of yours, then there’s really no reason to keep them in your life. Tell this person that you’re not cool with them mooching all your bud, and if they refuse to change, then cut them out of your life. They’re not a friend.
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