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4 Tips for having the Best Danksgiving Ever

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means you’re going to spend the day eating, drinking, visiting with family, and hopefully indulging in a little cannabis. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have the best Danksgiving ever.

Serve at Least ONE “Special” Item

It doesn’t matter if this is a dessert, a drink, or even one of the main dishes, but in order to have a good Danksgiving, you should have at least one menu item with cannabis in it. I would suggest these mini cannabis infused pumpkin pies, or maybe these “pot potatoes” are more your style. You could always simply make your favorite recipe, I’m sure the people you’re dining will enjoy it either way. Make sure that your cannabis infused dish is clearly marked and out of reach of children!

Make Sure You Have the Right Strain

The next step to making sure you have the best Danksgiving is to ensure that you have the right strain. Before eating the big meal, smoke a bowl of a strain that’s guaranteed to stimulate your appetite like Platinum Purple Kush or Monster Cookies. If you want a nice relaxing indica or indica hybrid strain for chilling out after stuffing your face all day, then you should get your hands on some Trainwreck or MasterKush.

Don’t Get too High!

I know, I know, there’s no such thing, but seriously, heed these words if you want to have a good Danksgiving. Don’t get too high before dinner. Thanksgiving dinner is more than just eating a shit ton of food. You’ll have to converse with members of your family too. Some of these family members are probably people that you never see. As such, they will have lots of questions for you. If you don’t want dinner to be an awkward affair, avoid taking a bunch of dabs before the turkey carving.

Avoid Talking Politics

This has nothing to do with cannabis, but it’s probably the most important tip for having a good Danksgiving: don’t talk politics with your relatives. For the last couple weeks on social media I’ve been seeing posts from people dreading seeing their Trump supporting relatives, or blog posts with advice on how to talk to their relatives about politics. I have better advice: don’t. Don’t bring up politics at all. It’s always hard for me to refrain from bringing up my true feelings about Thanksgiving and American imperialism, but I don’t because there is a time and a place for that. At the dinner table is not it.

Follow these tips and you’ll have the dankest Thanksgiving yet. Happy Danksgiving!

Got any other tips for a happy Danksgiving? Share in the comments below!