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4 Things That Will Immediately Kill Your Buzz

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It takes a lot to upset a stoner; we’re pretty laid back people ninety nine percent of the time. Some things are guaranteed to ruin our day, however. Any one of these things is definitely going to kill your buzz.

Whiny Significant Other

We’ve all had that boyfriend or girlfriend who picks the moment that you’ve finished smoking up to start nagging at you to clean the house, pick up your clothes, remind you that it’s time to go see their parents, etc. That’s going to harsh your mellow for the rest of the afternoon, if not the whole night.

Bad Music

So, you’ve just finished a good smoke sesh, everyone is all freshly baked and chill. Then one of your friends puts on some terrible music, like for example new country or eighties butt rock. That’s when you know that it’s time for you to find new friends, mate.

Someone Spilling The Bong

Few things smell as terrible as spilled bong water, especially if you haven’t changed your bong water in a while. There’s no way you’re going to get that smell out for a while. Double points if someone spills the bong when there’s still a bowl loaded in there.

Breaking Your Piece

Perhaps the biggest buzzkill of them all (except for getting pulled over by the cops) would have to be breaking your piece. Dropping the pipe, breaking your dabber, etc. can elicit feelings of profound sadness and will most definitely end up killing your buzz. That piece was a member of your family.

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