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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Cleaning Glass

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Stoners are pretty creative people, especially when it comes to figuring out new ways to clean our glass collection. However, there are some things that you should not do when you’re cleaning glass.

Boil It

I know, I know, boiling a pipe is a lot of people’s go-to methods for cleaning glass. It is an effective method for cleaning glass, and it will make your glass pipe look like new most of the time. It’s also kind of a pain in the ass to do. For one, the smell is awful. If you live with other people it’s a bit discourteous to them to stink up the place with the smell of boiling resin. Also, that pan that you use will not be the same again, there will be a lingering resin smell and you don’t want that taste in your food. Contrary to popular belief, boiling does not weaken glass. That glass is meant to withstand very high temperatures. What can happen is you can crack or chip the glass. Then your favorite piece becomes a ticking time bomb.

Use Nail Polish Remover

I guess some people like to use nail polish remover for cleaning glass now? I’ve been told that it’s popular among the younger crowd. All I can say is gross. This strikes me as a particularly bad method for cleaning water pieces especially Now your bubbler is going to taste like nail polish remover every time you hit it. Nail polish remover is also extremely toxic. You don’t want to risk accidentally poisoning yourself.

Use Any Vinegar Other Than White

I tried cleaning glass with apple cider vinegar once, because someone told me that it worked and it did not work all that well. Apple cider vinegar gave my clear glass a slightly yellow tinge, which took forever to scrub out. If you’re in a situation where you don’t have any rubbing alcohol, then try white vinegar. It won’t work as fast as rubbing alcohol, and you have to do a lot of rinsing to get the vinegar taste out, but it’s better than some of the other things that people have used for cleaning glass.

Soak It In Windex Or Bleach

Ingesting either Windex or Bleach can kill you, so why would you want that nastiness anywhere in your glass? Bleach is great for getting out tough stains, but it’s also toxic as shit, so I would stay far, far, away from that one. You’ll have to do a lot scrubbing to get all of it out, and even then, you can’t be sure that you got it all. March your ass to the store and buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Of course, you can also avoid all the confusion and just use this stuff, which works pretty great. Find more cleaners on our online smoke shop.

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What other things should you avoid when cleaning glass? Share in the comments below!