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4 Things You Can Easily Turn Into A Bong

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Sometimes you’re in a situation where you need something to smoke out of, but lack the device. Or perhaps you’re just bored and need a productive activity. Regardless, knowing how to make your own pieces is a good skill to have. Once you’ve learned how to make your own pipes, it’s time for the nest step: bongs. Here’s a few options that you can easily turn into a bong.

Squirt Gun

Have you ever looked at a squirt gun and thought that it could be turned into a bong? It’s extremely easy to do. All you need to do is drill a hole in the water tank to stick the slide and the bowl in. Depending on the diameter of the hole where you would normally fill the gun with water, you might be able to get away with using that for the slide. For the mouthpiece you just use the barrel. Most of the work is already done. Be careful not to melt the plastic.

Pepper Shaker

The pepper shaker bong is also simple and fast. All you need to do is drill two larger holes in the lid: one for the slide and bowl and another for the mouthpiece. For the mouthpiece, you’ll need a couple inches of clear rubber tubing. You can use modeling clay as a sealant. Fill the shaker with water and enjoy!

Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

Making a bong from a liquor bottle is something that every stoner should do once. If you’ve ever seen the Crystal Head Vodka bottle, you know that it’s perfect for making a bong out of. The bottle is shaped like a skull, with a neck that makes the perfect mouthpiece for a smoking device. Using a drill, carefully drill a hole in the mouth of the skull for the bowl and downstem.


Everyone has heard of smoking from an apple, but you can turn almost any piece of fruit into a usable smoking device. To make a chamber, all you need to do is carve a hole large enough to fit your mouth around, then hollow it out. Next, you carve a smaller hole for the bowl and down stem.

Of course, instead of making a bong, you could always just get one of ours.

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What household items have you turned into a bong? Share in the comments!