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Which 4 States Will Legalize This Year?

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This year looks like it will be a good year for cannabis legalization as four states are putting cannabis on the ballot. The best news, it looks as though each ballot measure stands a good chance of passing. So, who’s putting cannabis on the ballot this year?


First up we have Oklahoma, who will be voting on a measure to legalize medical cannabis later on this month. Oklahoma governor Republican Mary Fallin announced the date of the vote back in January. Fallin herself is not so keen on the idea, citing that there are other ways to deal with the state’s current budget crisis. Regardless of governor Fallin’s feelings, the measure stands a good chance of passing, as more than 6 out of 10 voters approve of legalizing medical cannabis.


After failing to get the necessary number of signatures in 2016, it looks as though Michigan will finally be putting recreational cannabis on the ballot this November. If passed, the measure would legalize cannabis use for all adults 21 and up. The initiative would also set up a tax of 10 percent on retail sales, as well as legalize hemp cultivation. This measure also stands a good chance of passing as 61 percent of voters support legalization, according to a public policy poll by Michigan State University.


Legalization advocacy group New Approach Missouri managed to get almost 400K signatures (more than twice of what was needed) to get a ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis. If the initiative passes it would legalize the cultivation and sale of cannabis for medical use only. A four percent sales tax would be applied, which would be used to help pay for medical treatment for veterans. The initiative would also allow physicians to recommend cannabis to their patients if they’re suffering from any of the following medical conditions: epilepsy, cancer, MS, and Alzheimer’s. Considering that the petition got more than twice the amount of necessary signatures to get on the ballot, I think it’s safe to say that the ballot measure will pass.


With Utah, things get a little trickier, simply because of the Mormon church which is pretty vehemently opposed to legalizing medical cannabis. Support for the measure is pretty high though with more than 75 percent of Utah residents in support of legalization.

Will we see as big a victory for cannabis in these states as we did in 2016? I think so!

Image Source: Palladium Times

Do you live in one of these states? Do you think these measures will pass? Tell us in the comments!