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4 Special Occasions That Require A Special Piece

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1. Relaxing with good company

Whether it’s a quiet evening by the campfire, a long sunny day on the beach or just a small circle around the TV after work, something that can be shared is the name of the game. While packing the bowl and passing it to the left hand side is a classic move, it’s 2015: there are now many ways to take things up a notch and spread the love more consistently.

Our favorite lately? The glass blunt. When it comes to these bad boys, it seems like there are two types of people: those who have known about them for what seems like forever (and enjoy the novelty whenever possible), and those who just had their minds blown by seeing those two words together. Yeah, they’re pretty awesome, but their party-friendly nature is what puts them on this list. Of course, a classic blunt is always worth some nostalgia value, but the glass blunt is a clean, lean, highly effective smoking machine – and you never need to refill on papers!

2. On long road trips

Road trips require a form of consumption that won’t wear you out too quickly, seeing as you’ve got to keep the driver occupied (if you’re the good kind of passenger). Yeah, that means strain selection is more important in this category than most, but you can take some of the over-relaxation that burning cannabis can cause when compared to – you guessed it – vaporizing. Many claim that the high from vaporizing is extra effective, yet less likely to lead to that burn-out feeling so common after a day with the bong (which can be nice when it’s nap time).

As you’ll be out on the open road, you probably won’t have easy access to an outlet (unless your car was touched up by Xzibit – does that reference make me old?). The portable vaporize is your friend. Whether you prefer the discreet but capable vape pen or a professional tool for concentrates, there are plenty of options for the not-so-weary traveler.

3. At a party

Time to show off! Something funky and out of the ordinary is the order when out in a crowd. Chances are good that you’ll run into some competition, so it’s always nice to have something that gathers a few excited gasps and giggles. Browse the strange pipes we’ve got in stock to find something cool or get ideas for a clever twist of your own.

If you’re not into bringing gas masks into bars, try something more traditional (but still awe-inspiring) with a stunning high-quality color-changing pipe that looks great and packs a punch. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into the creepy stuff or something more on the visually stunning side of things, you’ll find a small investment in a quality pipe will not only pay for itself in the long run, it’ll give you a nice little sense of pride when busting it out in a crowd.

4. At your home away from home

Summertime means beach houses, hotel rooms you actually saved up for, trips to that lucky friend who lives in Key West now and maybe even a mountain cottage if you’re that type. When it comes to setting up a home base, you’ve got to have something reliable at your disposal for when those on-the-go tools aren’t handling your needs quite well enough.

If you’ve got space for an extra suitcase, a luxurious bong that comes with its own case is a smart plan. They pack up nicely, carry a nice array of options and usually don’t draw many questions when lumped in with the rest of your stuff (check the rules and clean it out before flying, though).

If you’re a vaping sort, you’re in luck – plenty of vaporizers are small and compact enough to fit easily in a small backpack, while still hosting excellent capabilities.

Whatever your mood, wherever you are, know that the right special piece is out there ready to match you. What’s your favorite combo?