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4 Reasons Sundays Are The Best Days For Indicas

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Today is Sunday, and I can tell you that the only thing I am going to be smoking is an indica. Sundays are days that were made just for smoking indicas. So fire up a bowl and lets binge watch some TV. Hooray for Sundays!

Indica Is The Best For Recovering From Saturday Night

You probably had a pretty wild Saturday night, right? I did too, and today my head hurts like hell. Sundays are usually spent recovering from Saturday and are thus often spent lying on the couch feeling like you have a jackhammer in your skull. The nice thing about indicas like Bubba Kush is that they are excellent for killing headaches and other aches and pains due to their analgesic properties. That’s why today I’m loading my bong with an indica.

Sundays Are Supposed To Be Days For Chillin Anyway

Even if you’re not trying to recover from a night of heavy drinking, Sundays are supposed to be a day for chillin, right? That’s probably the only thing I remember from Sunday School. For a lot of people, Sundays are your last chance to have a day filled with screwing off before going back to work on Monday. That’s why Granddaddy Purple is what I’m smoking while marathoning Game of Thrones. Seriously nothing is better for chilling quite like an indica.

No Paranoia!

I love the energetic, creative high of a sativa as much as the next person, but some of the really potent sativas out there still give me paranoia. Sunday is a day I’d rather not feel paranoid. I want to feel like I’m soaking in a warm bath all day on Sundays. That’s why I’m packing my pipe with some Blue Cheese today.

I Actually Need To Get Some Sleep Tonight

For someone who suffers from insomnia as much as I do, smoking a good indica right before going to bed works better than any sleep aid I’ve ever taken (Benadryl also works, but it makes me feel super groggy the next day. I actually do need to get some sleep tonight, so I’ll be filling my vape with some Purple Kush.

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