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4 Reasons To Smoke Outside During The Winter

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Everyone loves smoking outside during the summertime and for obvious reasons, mainly it’s gorgeous outside. The best time to smoke outside is during the winter. I highly suggest that you give it a try.

Less People Out

The most obvious reason why you should smoke outside during the winter is because there are less people out. Smoking outside during the summer is great because the weather is perfect, but there is one glaring issue: too many people. This is not the case during the winter. There’s almost no one outdoors, other than children playing in the snow. If you live in a pretty secluded area, your neighborhood can be your own winter wonderland.

The Smell Dissipates Quicker

When it’s colder outside, that dank smell is going to dissipate a lot faster than it will in warmer weather. Add this to the fact that there’s not likely to be anyone around and you can’t possibly go wrong. Just make sure that you’re not doing it in a park playground or anywhere else that children might play. Be respectful.

The Smoke Is Less Obvious

The really awesome thing about smoking outside during the winter is that the smoke just looks like your breath. You can exhale with someone standing across the street from you, and no one is the wiser. Just make sure that you’re not standing too close!

You Can Build A Snowfort

The absolute best reason to smoke outside during the winter is that you can build a snowfort either to smoke in beforehand or get really baked and do it afterward. The world is your oyster. After building a snowfort, build a snowman. Embrace your inner child and play in the snow for an afternoon. It’s a nice break from being an actual adult.

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