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4 Reasons you Need to Smoke More Weed

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you probably enjoy smoking weed. You probably have a bowl loaded in your bong right now. Are you smoking enough though? If you had to think about it, the answer is “probably not.” There are always reasons to smoke more weed, and you should consider them.

You’re Gonna Smoke it Sometime

All that stash has got to be smoked at sometime, and as they say there’s no time like the present. You know that you’ll end up smoking that bowl at some point, so why not make it sooner rather than later. You’re already high, but the truth is that you could be a lot higher. You know the saying, “smoke em if you got em?” That saying certainly does apply here.

You Need to Break in a Piece

Perhaps one of the most fun reasons to smoke more weed is to break in a new bong. The piece is not going to stay clean forever, so you might as well go for broke and smoke, smoke, smoke. If you’re looking for a new piece, You can check out our amazing new selections here!

You Can Always Buy More

You can always buy more, especially when you live in a legal state. Of course the novelty has worn off some, now that recreational has been legal for most of the decade in some states, but I’ll still never get over the convenience of just being able to go to the weed store and buy whatever I need. With all that herb at your disposal, why not smoke as much as you can? Considering the cannabis surplus that some states like Oregon are currently experiencing, it’s not like we’re going to be running out any time soon.

The World is a Terrible Place

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is an absolute shit show these days. Why not smoke more weed Everyone is at war with one another, the rich are getting richer and the poor barely have a pot to piss in (no not that kind of pot). It gives me terrible anxiety to think about things I have no control over like the impending doom of climate change, which I handle by smoking pounds of weed. Sure, we’re all headed for catastrophe, but at least some of us will be really really baked!

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What are your reasons to smoke more weed? Tell us in the comments below!