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4 Obnoxious Stoner Friends We’ve All Had

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The only way to have more fun with cannabis is to have fun with cannabis and friends, but not every stoner friend you make along the way will be an ideal homie. Some poor stoner habits you can fix, but there are other ones you should just straight up avoid!

1. The Moocher

It’s okay every now and then to show up to the circle empty-handed, but if you have a friend who shows up consistently without contributions then it’s time for them to go. A real friend will help you out when you’re low on the green or totally out, but a tool will be your friend just for free greens. Not sure whether or not your friend is a true homie or a moocher? The next time they ask you to hang out throw into conversation casually that you’re all out of green, and see whether or not they magically haveĀ other plans.

2. The Bragger

The Bragger doesn’t necessarily walk down the street yelling that he’s carrying the green and is blazed, but they might as well be. They will casually giggle and tell random people that they’re “just a little out of it right now” or “having a really great time right now.” It’s not a bad thing that they’re having a good time, but since cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world, they should really be keeping a lid on their lack of sobriety.

3. The “If you smoke weed you should try ___” Guy

This is the guy that is always trying to get you to go to parties on the other side of town or to meet his other group of friends that “really party.” This type of stoner’s main goal is to break down your barriers and get you onto their level, whether that means parting through the night when you have work the next day, or taking a mysterious pill at a club because he says “YOLO” like it actually justifies throwing caution to the wind. Real friends don’t pressure friends into doing stuff they’re not comfortable with and don’t pester friends to do dangerous things (more than once.)

4. The Beggar

You haven’t heard from this guy in like 2 months, but he’s texting and calling everybody you know looking for a hookup. If it were even just that it wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s already sent you three more texts in the past ten minutes because you didn’t respond. People that are so desperate to find green that they throw all manners and caution to the wind don’t deserve to find green in my book. It’s like going to someone’s house asking for a cup of sugar, them not having any, and knocking on the door to ask them if they have sugar again.

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What other annoying habits of obnoxious stoners should you avoid? Let us know in the comments!