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4 High End Brands that are Definitely Worth the Price!

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Glass is glass, but sometimes you want something a little more, well, fancy. If you’re looking for some glass with a little more class, we highly recommend that you check out some of these high end glass brands, la créme de la créme, if you will.


German made Roor glass is known as the best of the best for a reason: They. Know. Quality. All Roor pieces are made from the best Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing clear premium borosilicate glass, which I have to tell you is quality that you can really see, folks! Every Roor has a unique signature of the artist that created it, the ever recognizable Roor logo, and a certificate of authenticity, that comes with a code that can be verified easily online. Accept no imitations!

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks, founded in 2013, is one of the top glass companies in the US. Empire started off making glass art and beads for high end jewelry companies, but later expanded into glass instruments for enjoying cannabis. Empire is best known for creating unique and fun pieces that are brightly colored, fun, and very unique! Looking for a pipe shaped like a penguin, a kraken or even Donald Trump? Empire should be the first place you go! Want a dab rig shaped like a pineapple piña colada? You should know by now where to go!

G-Spot Glassware

When we’re talking about high end glass, one cannot leave out G-Spot glass, after all the tagline itself is “high end glass!” G-Spot Glass was founded in 2000 in Germany and are best known for creating the solid tank joint, which is been shown to be pretty much indestructible. G-Spot is not only known for being exceptionally strong, but they make quite beautiful glass pieces as well. Check out the Dragon Cylinder ice bong if you want to see a real work of art.

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Get your hands on some glass from Empire Glassworks! Image Source:

EHLE Glass

EHLE Glass was not always meant to be high end, in fact the brand seemed to be for people who really really wanted a Roor, but could not afford the price tag. Over the years EHLE has enjoyed a resurgence among smokers with a more discriminating taste. EHLE products are quite similar in style to Roor, but with a wider variety of products to choose from. Made from tempered high quality borosilicate glass, this high end brand is for true fans of scientific glass.

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Don’t see your favorite on here? Tell us what we missed in the comments below!