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4 Famous LGBTQIA Cannabis Advocates

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In honor of pride month, we here at Grasscity want to shift the spotlight a little bit. That is, we want to honor some well known cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the LGBTQIA community.

Olivia Newton-John

Grease actress and darling of the LGBTQ community Olivia Newton-John was in the news late last year when she announced that her cancer had returned after 20 years remission and that she was planning on using cannabis oil to treat it. We wish her all the luck in the world!

Lady Gaga

We can’t have a conversation about queer stoner icons without mentioning the one and only Lady Gaga. Her brand of funky catchy as hell dance music has been a staple in LGBTQIA bars ever since “Just Dance” graced the top of the charts a decade ago. A year later Gaga came out as bisexual in an interview with Barbara Walters, where she even let everyone in on a little secret: her smash hit “Poker Face” was about being with another woman. Gaga is also an avid cannabis enthusiast, as we have seen many times. No list about LGBTQIA stoners would be complete without Lady Gaga.

Paige Kazazian

Paige Kazazian is not a household name like any of the previous entries on our list, but as a cannabis lover, she is someone you should know regardless. Kazazian is the CEO of Colorado based edible company Faro Kitchen, which specializes in healthy edibles. Kazazian and her business partner Stacie Nagy both identify as queer and believe that inclusiveness is vitally important in the cannabis industry.

Leon Mostovoy

Leon Mostovoy is a well known trans activist and photographer, perhaps best known for his installation Death of My Daughter, which was meant to raise awareness of trans identity and trans acceptance. Mostovoy is also the owner of Pride Cannabis and the Wings of Wellness cannabis delivery service based out of Orange County California. He said in an interview during last year’s pride:

 Queer bodies are biologically the same as everyone else, however, our community endures more physiological stress, financial disadvantage, physical abuse, drug abuse, and emotional abuse. Therefore we look for solutions to cope. I believe cannabis is the best all natural and non-addictive medication we can use to heal our community.

Image Source: Closer Magazine

Did we forget anyone? Tell us your favorite LGBTQIA identifying stoners in the comments!