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4 Dope DIY Halloweed Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning out your costume! As the hilarious stoner that you are, why not go with something cannabis themed? If nothing else, people will probably want to smoke you out all night.


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Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic stoner towel is guaranteed be the hit (haha) of any party that you attend. A Towelie costume is pretty easy to make too. All you need is a big blue beach towel, and two sets of felt eyes, one for before smoking and one for afterward. For the joint, you can paint a paper towel tube white, and fill it with some fake cannabis leaves, or if you’re feeling extra daring you’ve got somewhere to stick your stash when not in use.

Cheech And/Or Chong

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If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis related couples costume, why not go as the dynamic duo Cheech and Chong? This is another costume that you can put together quickly for little money and almost no effort. For Cheech, all you’ll need is a yellow t-shirt, red suspenders and a red beanie. You can find a fake moustache at any Halloween store, or make one yourself using fuzzy felt. For Chong, what you’ll need is a denim shirt, or a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt and a red bandana. For the beard, you can either make one on your own, but I’d just go to the costume shop, man. Make sure that you don’t forget the most important part of the costume: the giant joint. For the giant joint I’d use a paper towel tube spray painted white.


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If you’re a big fan of pun costumes (And why wouldn’t you be?), then you can always go as a pothead. There are a couple different routes that you can go with this one. You can either go with a pot used for cooking on your head, or you can wear a flower pot on your head. I’m personally more a fan of the latter because for one, people are more likely to get the joke, and you can dress up the flower pot, more than you could a cooking pot. It’s also much easier to rig a flower pot so that you can wear it on your head. So yeah, just go with the second option. Buy one of those plastic flower pots that you find at the dollar store. Drill two holes on both sides of the bottom, then loop some elastic through so you can wear the pot on your head. You can stop there, but that would be a pretty boring costume. Fill the pot up with some brown foam, or regular foam painted brown, whatever floats your boat. Put a fake plant (preferably a fake cannabis plant) into the pot, using the foam to get it to stay in there. Decorate the pot with the words “pot head” for those who may be too wasted to get the joke.

A Joint

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This one can work for both men and women, but it’s a lot sexier on women. If you’re a woman, find a tight white strapless dress and spirit gum some fake pot leaves around your cleavage. Pair with some white or green stiletto heels. If you’re a guy, wrap a white sheet around yourself, while making sure to cut arm holes, that is unless you don’t want to be able to use your arms for the entire night.. Spirit gum some fake pot leaves to your head/ and or dye your hair green.

Everyone should dress up as something cannabis related at least once in their lives, so why not this year? You’re guaranteed to be the life of the party, and there will be no question of whether or not to invite you into the smoking area.

Do you have any Halloweed costume ideas? Share in the comments!