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4 Different Ways To Roll Your J’s

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One of my favorite pass-times is rolling a boatload of joints and blunts. Even if I have no intention of smoking them immediately, it’s nice to have a stockpile to bust out whenever I’m in the mood. Although I can sit around for hours just rolling, I know some people just don’t have that kind of patience. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and have options of how we want to roll our joints. Check out all of the different ways to roll your J’s below!

1. Free Roll

The standard of joints, taking the time to learn how to roll your joints by hand is a skill that you’ll never regret. Learning how to free roll also gives you the ability to make any joint style or shape that you can think of, with a little practice. Free rolling also gives you the greatest variety in rolling paper options, from your standard stuff, to extra long, slim, collector’s/high-quality papers, and even rolls.

2. Pre-Made Cones

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get some fat joints, then you might consider picking up a pack of pre-rolled cones. They’re perfect to simply load, twist, and light! While you don’t get the versatility and options that you might get from free-rolling, if you’re in a rush for a fattie then it’s hard to beat the ease of the cones.

3. Buy A Mechanical Roller

When you can’t roll, and you can’t buy cones, I’d recommend just buying a mechanical roller. Plastic rollers can usually be found at any tobacco shop, or anywhere you’d buy rolling papers. They’re cheap and incredibly easy to use. Simply add your product into the contraption, roll it for a second, then roll in the paper, lick, and seal! If you want something a little more durable, crank mechanical rollers are just as popular, and can be a lifesaver if you’re lo-oking to roll a plethora of J’s quickly. A mechanical roller is a good stepping stone into learning how to roll for yourself, but if you’re pretty determined to never free-roll, I’d look into an automated version of this machine.

4. Automated Rolling Machines

Automated Rollers are just as they sound, they’re electronic machines that will roll your joints for you! No muss, no fuss, simply load up your paper, your herb, and turn it on! They can tend to be a little costly, but if you think about that it’s a one-time purchase for hundreds of fast, easy, and highquality rolls, it makes a lot more sense to invest in one of these glorious machines.

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How do you prefer to craft your joints? Let us know in the comments!