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4 Different Ways To Clean Your Dirty Glass

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We love our glass pieces, but we really would prefer not to clean them, or at least spend as little time cleaning them as possible. We’re all familiar with the method of cleaning via isopropyl alcohol (iso or rubbing alcohol). If you feel like changing up your routine, or if there is ever a shortage on rubbing alcohol and salt, then you can always try these alternative methods for cleaning your dirty glass.

Denture Cleaning Tablets

You can find these in pretty much any grocery store or drug-store and they work really well, from what I’ve seen. It’s also a relatively effortless method for cleaning and it only takes as long as the iso and salt method. So, the method is the same as cleaning with iso, with plastic bags and yall. All you need is the denture tablets. Toss them in the plastic bag with your slide and down stem and then throw three of the tablets into your bong. Have you seen how white dentures get after they’ve been cleaned? Imagine how pristine your piece is going to be.

Goo Gone

If you’ve never heard of Goo-Gone, it’s a pretty sweet cleaning product that gets rid of anything, from crayon, to lipstick and candle wax. Naturally, you can use it to clean any water piece as well. You can find Goo-Gone at any hardware store, or big box store. The cleaning method is pretty much the same as using iso and salt, but I’ve found this method to be a lot faster. It typically takes me about 15-20 minutes as opposed to the 20-30 minutes that you need to use the more traditional iso and salt method.

Bong Master Bong Cleaner

If you’re a fan of simplicity and using specialty cleaning products, as opposed to things you find around the house, you can always just get cleaner specifically made for cleaning glass, like Bong Master Bong Cleaner, Resinate Pipe Cleaner, or anything along those lines. Cleaning solutions like these work really well for the stoner who’s strapped for time because all you need is water. They last a pretty long time, so you get your money’s worth. If you’re looking for high quality glass cleaner for any of your pieces, you can always check out what we’ve got in stock! 

Baking Soda And Vinegar

If you want to clean your bong while also making a sweet volcano effect then you can always try vinegar and baking soda. You don’t need all that much baking soda, only a teaspoon, and about a cup of vinegar (half a cup if your bong is a little on the smaller size) Rinse out after letting it sit. The length of time you allow your piece to soak depends on how large and how dirty your bong is. I would not recommend this method for cleaning a dab rig, or any bong with percolators. This method is better for the classic bong.

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Got any other killer cleaning methods for glass? Let us know in the comments!