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4 Best Percs For Smoking Herb

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There are so many types of percolators out there that create amazing smoking experiences. The one problem with so many types of percolators out there in the world is that it’s impossible to decide which ones are your favorite without trying them. If you’re looking for a few percolators to give a boost to your herb smoking, take a look at some of my preferences below!

1. Tree

My personal favorite, a tree percolator can come in a range from 3-64 arms with varying sizes and with closed or open endings. A tree percolator works extremely well with herb or concentrates, since it provides even diffusion around the entire piece. Tree percolators with open ended arms are especially efficient with herb as they won’t be easily clogged by herb traveling through the piece. Although it’s never wise to go weeks without cleaning your piece, a this perc will definitely extend the life of your clean.

2. Inline

An inline percolator is a great percolation system that is slim, yet very efficient. Although the horizontal percolator might not be the prettiest form of diffusion, it still is very good at its job. The inline percolator is great due to it’s ample amount of diffusion slits within the small percolation system. This does mean that while smoking herb the inline percolator’s slits might clog up easier than in a tree or sprinkler perc, but the fact that there is so many diffusion slits will counteract that effect and still provide only smooth hits.

3. Sprinkler

A sprinkler perc is an amazing and luxurious percolation system. The large accompanying basin and spouts make for the perfect percolation system that diffuses efficiently and has a large enough chamber to create massive rips. The spouts that are similar to tree percolation arms making this another excellent choice for herb due for repeated use. Although a sprinkler percolator takes some getting used to, as it requires you to not pull too much or too little for it to even work correctly, it is definitely worth the extra cash and effort.

4. Dome

Domes are simply good percs for herb because of their simple design that allows for easy cleaning and extended herb smoking. Their simple design allows for dispersed diffusion, but it’s not as effective in actually creating diffusion as a some other percs. The simple design does create a reliability about the percolator that is hard to beat, making it quite the worthwhile consideration when choosing percolators for your herb enjoyment.

Featured Image Source: Flickr-Heath Alseike

What is your favorite percolator to smoke herb with? Let us know in the comments!