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The 4 Best Percolators For Dabbing

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Do you consider yourself to be an oil head? Do you gripe to your friends whenever they heat their nails to red-hot temperatures and then immediately throw down the concentrate? If you care about your dabs, then you know that concentrates hit totally different from herb, and needs to be treated differently. The next time you’re looking at getting an oil rig, I’d consider grabbing one with one of the best percolators for dabbing, like these:

1. Showerhead

Showerhead percolators are excellent for dabbing due to their small size and even circular diffusion within the chamber that creates exquisitely smooth hits every time. Showerheads are also small enough to be able to stack two or three times for even more efficient diffusion for your dabs.

2. Honeycomb

A honeycomb perc is one of the best percolators you can get for dabs. The flat, intricately designed system allows for incredible diffusion despite it’s humble looks. A honeycomb will literally blow you away when it comes to diffusing your dabs. There are few other options that will diffuse your hits so well, so if you’re determined to find the smoothest dab, I’d start with a honeycomb.

3. Cyclone/Turbine

If you’re looking for a percolator that just has a dizzying-yet-mind-blowing visual effect then look no further than a cyclone percolator. Sometimes also referred to as turbines or tornadoes, the percolator is designed to force your water into a funnel shape making it look like cyclone in your water chamber at the end of every hit. A cyclone percolator is excellent for dabs for more reason than just its visual effects, it also is very effective at moving the smoke within the chamber to create a nice cool draw. The only down side to it is that it has the capacity to be plugged up fairly easily after long, repeated use, or by smoking herb.

4. Swiss

A swiss percolator is an interesting form of diffusion in my opinion, as it isn’t very effective in filtering out herb, however it’s ideal for dabs. The swiss percolator design forces the water to crash and mix together in dizzying shapes. This crashing and mixing is great for smoothing the hit, however not so great for filtering out scoobies.

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What percolators do you have on your favorite dab rig? Let us know in the comments!