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30 Dank Reasons To Be A Stoner

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There are some pretty dank reasons to be a stoner. Smoking weed is not only an enjoyable activity; cannabis is also pretty dank for the things that it can do to benefit your health. Cannabis makes life better in all aspects, so keep on tokin’!

Being High Is Awesome

The most dank reason to be a stoner is of course being stoned! There’s a reason why you kept smoking weed after the first time you tried it and that is because being high is one of the greatest feelings ever

Weed Tastes Great

Nothing matches the taste of a green hit of the dankest buds. Sativas taste earthy and fresh while indicas taste fruity and sweet. Yum!

Smoking Is Fun

The act of smoking or vaping is fun in and of itself. It feels satisfying to inhale and exhale that ganja, no matter how you choose to smoke.

Great Way To Relieve Stress

Smoking weed is an excellent way to relieve stress. Cannabis, indica in particular is great for relieving anxiety. Had a shit day at work? Smoke up and feel all the stress melt away.

Stoners Make Great Friends

Stoners are incredibly loyal and accepting people, which means that they make the best friends. The friends that I’ve made in life who’ve lasted the longest have all been stoners.

Stoner Girls Are Sexy

There are many reasons why you should date a stoner chick, and the main one is that women who smoke weed are sexy af. What’s hotter than a girl smoking from a fattie blunt?

Weed Makes You More Creative

Sativa is thought to increase creativity, hence why a lot of artists (musical and otherwise) are stoners.

Everything Is Funnier

When you’re baked everything is waaay funnier. Try watching a comedy movie sober for the first half, and then get baked for the last half. I guarantee you will notice a difference. Why do you think stoner comedy is such a successful genre anyway?

We Make Tasty Food

Stoners are bomb ass chefs. We have to be, because we spend a lot of time with the munchies. We also get cravings for some of the most random foods.

Music Sounds Better

Music sounds almost completely different when you’re high. It doesn’t matter what type. When I first started toking up, I loved getting high and then going to see the LA Philharmonic. It was a truly cathartic experience. Now I settle for Spotify, but the feeling is the still the same.

All The Gorgeous Glass Pieces

Glass pieces are real works of art and each one is unique. I’ve owned every type of glass piece from the spoon bowl, to the sherlock. I even had a glass pipe shaped like an eel. Even if I didn’t smoke weed, I would still buy the glass.

Stoners Are More Chill

Stoners are among the most chill people on the planet. We love to be laidback and mellow (unless you steal our herb). We’d rather fuck than fight.

Weed Helps You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that people who smoke weed regularly have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) and they are less likely to become obese.

Sex Is Way More Dope

Getting down while you’re high is spectacular. Couples who smoke beforehand report feeling more connected with their partners. Sensitivity also goes way up!

Stoners Are Generous

Stoners are super generous people. We love to share with our friends and we especially love to help them out when they’re in need.

No Hangover With Herb

If you get too high all you’re going to do is fall asleep. You’re not going to black out and forget large portions of your evening. You’re also not going to wake up the next morning with a killer hangover.

You Sleep Better

Indica is great for treating insomnia. Smoke a bowl of kush before bedtime and you’ll fall asleep and stay asleep!

Stoners Also Make Great Boyfriends

Stoner girls are awesome, but we can’t forget all the stoner guys out there too! You guys make the best boyfriends and we stoner girls love you!

We’re More Adventurous

Stoners are always open to new experiences and we’re always down to go out on an adventure. Kinda blows the whole “couch potato” stereotype out of the water, doesn’t it?

Stoners Are More Optimistic

Stoners generally tend to be more optimistic and report better well-being than non-smokers. Weed is better for depression than any antidepressant.

Pot Helps PMS

Good news ladies! Pot is wonderful for PMS. That’s also good news for the guys who happen to be around us when Aunt Flo comes to call.

Edibles Are Delicious And Nutritious

Ah, edibles. There are so many different kinds now and all are delicious and guaranteed to shoot you to the moon!

Cannabis May Kill Cancer

Recent studies have shown that cannabis can help treat cancer by inhibiting the growth of tumors. That’s enough of a reason to light up right there.

Better Conversations

Stoners have awesome conversations. We talk about some of the most random shit, anything from black holes to tacos.

Cannabis Is Legal In A Lot More Places Now

Now is a great time to be a stoner because our dream of legalization is slowly, but surely coming true. Cannabis is now decriminalized or completely legal in many parts of Europe and half of the United States has legalized cannabis for medical use.

Cannabis Has Never Killed Anyone

While the opiate epidemic continues to take people, the death toll from cannabis stands at a big, fat, zero.

Stoners Are Quite Reliable

Contrary to popular belief, stoners are actually quite reliable people. We’re certainly more reliable than drunks.

Less Likely To Get Knocked Up

Stoners are less likely to get knocked up on accident. Cannabis does affect your fertility, but these changes are not permanent. When you stop smoking, it’s only a few months before everything returns to normal. This doesn’t mean that you should use bud as your sole form of birth control though.

Better Problem Solvers

Stoners have to be good problem solvers. If we don’t have anything to smoke out of then we have to figure out how to turn random household objects into smoking implements. If we can’t find herb, then we have to figure out how to pick up. We’re also more creative, which certainly goes a long way when you’re trying to figure a way out of a sticky (or non-sticky) situation.

The Smell Of Really Dank Bud Can’t Be Beat

You can tell someone’s a stoner if you’re driving with them, you pass a skunk and they breathe in deeply, rather than pinching their nose. We stoners love the smell of fresh, dank herb.

These aren’t even all the reasons why it’s dope to be a stoner. Cannabis has helped me in so many ways, as I’m sure it’s helped you. So let’s tip our pipes in honor of the incredible, edible, herb!

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What are your dank reasons for being a stoner? Share in the comments!