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2017: The Year in Weed

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2017 was quite the dumpster fire of a year. After all, Donald Trump is the president, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality in the US, Brexit happened, I could go on and on. 2017 was a good year for weed though. Nevada’s recreational market opened this last July. Jeff Sessions threatened crackdown on legal weed hasn’t happened. It was a pretty good year for weed. Now we look back fondly on 2017: the year in weed.


2017 got off to a great start when we woke up New Year’s Day and saw that the famous Hollywood sign had been changed to read “Hollyweed”. Cannabis enthusiasts were riding high off of the victories we had seen the previous November at the ballot box. Later in the month Germany legalized cannabis for medical use. The year was off to a great start!


February 2017 things took a bit of a dip. This was when then Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer (remember him?) made the announcement that the new administration would be cracking down on cannabis in legal states. A collective panic settled over stoners,  patients, and those who depend on it to make a living. The news wasn’t all bad though. We learned that fewer Colorado businesses were drug testing applicants, which is always a good thing.


In March, a new study came out showing that patients overwhelmingly preferred pot over pills. Patients prefer pot for a lot of reasons; it’s much of the time more effective, doesn’t make you sick, and pot has also has never killed anyone. We also found out that the cannabis the US government uses for research is nothing more than low quality dirt weed.


April was a good month as Argentina legalized medicinal cannabis oil. Colorado offered graduating high school students a “weed scholarship” valued at a total of 420K to help them pay for tuition and books. Just one of the many examples of how legal cannabis gives back to the community.


In May, we started off the month with this asinine statement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that cannabis was “unhealthy and addictive”. In the meantime, he continues to pump his athletes full of addictive painkillers. Vermont lawmakers voted to legalize recreational cannabis, a nationwide first and huge victory for the legalization movement.


In June, a new and promising study showed that CBD may be effective when treating schizophrenia. We learned that cops hate legalization because it makes it harder for them to search your car and steal your stuff. Lastly, Mexico legalized cannabis for medical use.

July Nevada starts selling weed

In July was a good month for stoners in Nevada. Image Source: Naples Herald


In July, Oregon decided to decriminalize possession of all drugs, in an experiment that will hopefully show DC once and for all that the drug war doesn’t work. The US Senate voted to allow the VA to recommend cannabis to veterans. Cops also found millions of dollars of weed stashed in cars at a dealership in Ohio.


August started off well as Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to legalize cannabis across America. It didn’t pass of course, but at least he tried. Demand for cannabis in Oregon went off the chart, as people flocked to watch the eclipse. Then we learned that the long awaited sequel to Super Troopers would be out in time for next 4/20.


September got off to an awesome start as we learned that teen cannabis use is at its lowest point in 20 years, thus destroying one of the biggest arguments against legalization. An attempted ban on weed related clothing in California failed to pass. Congress voted to extend protections for medical cannabis a few more months. Lastly, the head of the DEA resigned.


In October, wildfires in California destroyed a large portion of the state’s cannabis crops, leaving many wondering how supply would meet demand when the recreational market opened the following year. We found out that support for cannabis legalization is higher than a kite among adults in the US. Then we closed out the month with the mainstream news freaking out over people giving edibles to kids for Halloween. We gently had to remind them that no one is giving out expensive edibles to children.


November was a good month. Poland legalized medical cannabis. New Jersey’s pro pot candidate  Phil Murphy won the governor’s race. A 12 year old girl also sued the Justice Department to legalize cannabis across the US. The lawsuit is ongoing and has a lot of support, even from a former NFL player. Lastly, New Yorkers suffering from PTSD learned that they could now qualify for medical cannabis.


In December, the army relaxed its rules against letting former cannabis smokers enlist, leading some to speculate that the US was planning on starting yet another war. More wildfires broke out in California, destroying even more of the state’s cannabis crops, not to mention thousands of people’s homes. Right before Christmas, cops proved how grinchy they could be when they busted an elderly couple carrying over 60 pounds of weed that they claimed were for Christmas presents.

2017 was a pretty good year for weed. Now we move forward to 2018 when cannabis is legalized in Canada, California’s recreational market opens, and cannahaters continue to fight legalization. Will next year be our year?

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