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15 Fun Things to do with/for your Stoner Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and you might be racking your brain trying to figure out what you’re going to do for your special stoner sweetie to celebrate the day. If your mind (or wallet) are completely tapped, you can always try some of these fun things to do. Make sure that you, ahem, prep accordingly.

Roll them a joint

Nothing says love quite like rolling a joint for your sweetie and smoking it with them. I know that when I come in through the door after a long day at the office, I would much rather my partner have a joint or a bowl loaded for me than hand me flowers. There’s only one kind of flower I want and it ain’t roses.

Try Out that Cannabis Lube

Studies have been done showing that cannabis can help seriously boost your sex life by increasing the physical sensation and making you feel closer to your partner or partners. This is why there has been an influx in cannabis products with a more erotic purpose, such as cannabis lube. I haven’t tried it yet  because I keep thinking about how badly certain strains give me cottonmouth and don’t want to experience that in other places. Someone try it and tell me whether or not it’s worth it.

Clean their Bong

I hate cleaning my pieces, so if someone were to do this for me I would absolutely be prepared to offer them my heart forever, if only because it might mean that I don’t have to clean my bong anymore. I’m kidding of course! Maybe. Clean my bong for me and we’ll find out. Grab some bong cleaner now. 

Have a Fat Bong Bowl Waiting

As soon as your stoner sweetie walks in through the door you should have a fat bong bowl ready for them. It shows real consideration for your partner, especially since no one likes to go to work anyway. This is the time when they need the sweet embrace of Mary Jane the most!

Get High and Watch your Favorite Stoner Comedy

If you have neither the desire or means to go out for Valentine’s day, there are still plenty of fun things you can do with your stoner sweetie. I don’t know about you, but it is absolutely frigid in the area of the country I’m in. I know many of you are in the same boat I’m in. If it’s far too cold for you to go out, the two of you can always get really high, wrap up in some blankets and watch your favorite stoner comedy! You can check here for some inspiration!

Challenge Each Other at Video Games

Video games are hella fun when you’re baked, especially when you’re playing with a special someone (even if they suck). Embrace each other’s competitive sides and kick each other’s asses in an old school fighting game like Mortal Kombat.

Shotgun hits are fun as long as you don’t take too big of a hit! Image Source:

Take Shotgun Hits With Each Other

This is fun and sexy when you do it correctly. It can be a complete disaster if either of you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t do this with giant bong rips, unless you are fully prepared to deal with the consequences.

Get Baked and Cook a Meal Together

I love cooking and I especially love doing it when I’m baked. Cooking a good meal together can be a really enjoyable and sensual activity for the two of you to do together, a prelude to later events, if you will. Of course depending on the strain the two of you smoke, you may just end up making some ridiculous stoner snack food and giggling all the way through the process. Both outcomes sound great to me!

Edible Chocolates!

Valentine’s day is all about one thing: chocolates! The only thing that would make me happier than getting chocolates for Valentine’s day would be getting edible chocolates. You get bonus points if they are homemade.

Smoke a Bowl and Make them a Gift

I’ve never really been much into buying my Valentine’s day gifts. Homemade things have always been more of my style. Getting baked and making arts and crafts has always been one of my favorite activities, especially during the dreary days of winter. Your stoner sweetie will appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into making the gift, and you’ll have fun doing it!

Chill out and Listen to Some Music

Who doesn’t love listening to good music when they’re baked? Put on some of your favorite tunes, roll a couple fatties and get cozy on the couch. Sharing a connection over music is more meaningful to me than any jewelry or flowers (no not that kind).

Take a Trip to the Dispensary

As a cannabis enthusiast, going to the dispensary is one of my favorite activities. It’s not the most romantic date idea ever, but you can find a neat gift for your stoner sweetie, and/or a new strain to try together.

Buy a New Bong

What could be more romantic than shopping for a new bong together? You’re sure to find one the both of you will enjoy. Check out our selection right here!

Go on a Space Cruise

If you’re a little low on funds and are still looking for adventure, you could always go on a space cruise, that is take a drive to one of your favorite spots, smoke up a bit, hang out and drive back when you’re ready.

Try a New Food

I love getting high and eating food. Nothing enhances the taste of some delicious food more than smoking some weed, especially if it’s a dish you haven’t tried before! Try a new recipe at home or go check out that new place that just opened up in your neighborhood!

Image Source: International Highlife

Got any other fun ideas for Valentine’s day? Tell us in the comments below!