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15 Most Creative Blunts On Instagram

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Anyone will tell you that there is an art to blunt rolling. Usually when they say this, they mean a blunt that smokes decently. When we say there is an art to blunt rolling, we mean real works of art!

Anyone in the mood for a lolli-”pot”? I know I am. Of course this is not the way that you would eat a regular lollipop, but it looks delicious, regardless. I hope this guy used a nice fruity indica as an added bonus.

Image Source: Instagram-ValeyRec420 

You’ve never really smoked a blunt until you’ve smoked a dragon blunt. It seems especially appropriate since dragons breathe fire. Fortunately, unlike the mythical creature, this dragon does actually exist. I’d love this blunt for the next time I’m binge watching Game of Thrones

Image Source: Instagram-ValleyRec420 

Forget building a ship in a bottle, I’d like to know how to roll one of these! The joint papers as the sails is a pretty nice touch. Just take a hit off of this thing and sail away to a far off land!

Image Source: Instagram-SpliffsMackenzie

Is this the perfect blunt for a wake and bake or what? The eggs are over-easy and sunny side up, just the way I like them too!

Image Source:Instagram-ValleyRec420 

For the stoner nerd in all of us, we have Bender’s psychotic friend Roberto from Futurama. We stoners do love our cartoons!

Image Source:Instagram-ValleyRec420 

A stoner is nothing without their tools!

Image Source:Instagram-ValleyRec420

Introducing the newest member of the Sailor Moon team, Sailor Blunt!

Image Source: Instagram-roll_with_codyvangogh

Anyone up for a game of Smokemon Go? This Charizard by artist Cody Van Gogh certainly is!

Image Source:Instagram-roll_with_codyvangogh

This one is especially for stoner who is a fan of horror and sci-fi, the chest burster from (italic) Alien(end italic)! Unlike the actual alien, I wouldn’t mind it if this one attached itself to my face.

Image Source:Instagram-roll_with_codyvangogh

For the truly outdoorsy stoner we have the buck blunt. Look at how majestic it is!

Image Source:Instagram-ValleyRec420 

Yoshi! My favorite Nintendo character of all time comes to life as you’ve never seen him before, as a blunt!

Image Source:Instagram-roll_with_codyvangogh

If you couldn’t tell, I’m more attracted to the nerdier variety of blunt. Whether you prefer (italics) Star Trek (end italics) over (italics) Star Wars (end italics) you can’t deny the awesomeness of this TIE fighter blunt!

Image Source: Instagram-ValleyRec420 

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane! Well, kind of. It’s a blunt and a plane! This thing is sure to get you high as … well a plane I guess.

Image Source: Instagram-ValleyRec420

Straight from your childhood to your blunt wrap, it’s Gumby! Instead of being made out of clay, he’s made out of cannabis!

Image Source: Instagram-ValleyRec420 

Imagine how much kinder of a place the world would be if instead of guns, everyone just had guns that were blunts.

Image Source: Instagram-ValleyRec420 
I don’t even know how to begin to roll one of these. I remember being in awe of the first person that I saw roll a cross joint. Looking at these makes me want to gather together some blunt wraps, bud, creativity, and of course mad skills!

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What are the most creative blunts you’ve rolled? Share in the comments!