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13 Percent US Adults Say They Use Cannabis

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As states across the US continue to reform their marijuana laws, cannabis use has risen sharply. According to a recent Gallup poll 1 out of 8 adults say that they are currently using cannabis, which averages out to about 13% of the American adult population or 33 million people. This is almost double the results seen in 2013, where only 7% said they used cannabis regularly.

These trends make sense. Since the last poll cannabis was only legal in Washington state and Colorado. Since then cannabis is now legal in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC, with several other states decriminalizing it. Eight more states are putting cannabis on the ballot this fall.

As cannabis use has risen, tobacco use has dropped for various reasons. There are currently about 40 million Americans who use tobacco and the number is dropping. The Washington Post estimates that soon the number of cannabis users will overtake the number of tobacco users.

Currently the number of adults who say they’ve tried cannabis once in their life stands at 43%, almost half the adult population. Compare that to only five percent back in the sixties. As attitudes toward cannabis continue to become more relaxed, the percentage of regular cannabis users will surely continue to rise, as will support for the legalization movement.

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