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12 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

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12 Best weed accessories

Having an arsenal of great cannabis accessories can add a lot to your smoking experience. Grinders, containers, tools, pipes and rigs—there are so many categories of accessories, all of which will add a little something different to your daily dose. Lucky for you, all these types of products are also available on the Grasscity shop. Check out 12 of our favorites below and upgrade your collection to really get the most out of your next cannabis session.

1. Grav Labs Glass Blunt – $14.50

This unique device looks to replace traditional blunts and joints with a glass cylinder that can be packed with herb without the additives of tobacco leaves or cigarette paper. This must-have device gives you a beautiful smoking experience and will last a lifetime if you treat it right.

2. Blaze Glass – Mini Donut Oil Bong – $65.00

It’s not about the size, but how you use it—right? This incredible-looking piece of glass packs a lot of punch despite its miniature size. It comes with a quartz concentrate nail for dabbing and is made of borosilicate glass for easy cleaning and durability.

3. Pro Tool Scoop – $11.00

This accessory is key to enjoying your favorite concentrates. The Pro Tool Scoop features two tips: one with a wider scooping surface for butter or soft hash, the other more narrow for shatter. By maximizing the amount of concentrates and essential oil that can be held for each dab, it promises concentrate users a superior high.

4. Sharpstone Aluminum Window Herb Grinder – $25.00

This grinder offers great bang for your buck. It not only features a magnetized lid and diamond sharpened blades, but also three separate compartments for your blades, ground bud and kief. This grinder is super durable and able to withstand some abuse and travel, so invest now in something that will last you for years to come.

5. Medtainers (Multiple Colours) – $12.00

Medtainers are small storage containers that keep your cannabis fresh and are smell-proof for travelling. These cases also come with an added feature of a built-in grinder under the storage compartment so you’ll be ready to roll no matter where you go. This is a must-have for keeping your kush fresh or for the smoker on-the-go.

6. Pipe Screens (Steel) – $3.49

A smoker’s cardinal sin is to waste perfectly good cannabis. Sometimes you drop your stash, sometimes you lose your stash, but mostly you are (maybe without knowing it) improperly smoking your stash. Pipe screens are the underrated hero of bongs and pipes because without them a lot of your cannabis is just being pulled through the device without igniting. Do yourself a favour and invest in these screens—your pocketbook will thank you.

7. Effin Clean Multi-Surface Pipe Cleaner (20) – $42.50

Keeping your smoking devices clean is an important part of having a flavorful cannabis experience. This cleaner makes it as easy as dropping the packet into hot water and letting the bubbles take care of the grime and resin that has built up on your favorite pipe or bong. It’s a small investment that will save you lots of messy cleanup and will help your glass last.

8. iHit iPhone 6 Case – $29.99

If James Bond smoked weed and owned an iPhone, this would be his case. The iHit 6 not only protects your phone from minor damage but can also conceal up to five pre-rolled joints in a smell-proof container located on the backside of the device. These features make it great for parties or bringing your cannabis with you wherever you go. Have an iPhone 5? Check out this case that offers the same discreetness.

9. Santa Cruz Grinder – $140.00

There are regular grinders and then there’s the Santa Cruz Grinder. This device features medical-grade anodized aluminum and a revolutionary tooth design, which ensures that you can break down your cannabis with minimal effort. The textured grip is perfect for medical patients with arm or wrist issues as it allows for a little extra traction. At $140.00, this grinder is a bit pricey, but it’s the best quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, making it 100% worth the investment.

10. Cali Crusher – $89.00

The Cali Crusher grinder is made in San Diego, California and is one of the best grinders on the market (can you tell that we think grinders are really important?). This grinder’s separate parts come together without threads, which means the residue that usually builds up with extensive use will no longer stop you from sealing it. It also features diamond cut teeth to ensure you have a great final product and is available in seven great colours for those looking to add a little style to their collection.

11. SmoCAN Smoking System – $69.99

The SmoCAN smoking system is the only thing you’ll need when heading to a party or going away for the weekend. This unit features a three-piece grinder, dugout and a spot for a lighter, all within a 12 cm. cylinder, which can easily fit into your pocket. Plus, it’s waterproof and made of durable 6061 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. This is the easiest way to get lifted on the go, and Grasscity is currently offering it for a very affordable price when you compare what each product costs on its own.

12. Compton Grinder – $63.00

Like many of the company’s other products, the Compton Grinder has made some awesome innovations to one of the most-used smokers’ devices. The Compton Grinder features a loading zone within the grinder for easy use and is made of aircraft grade aluminum. Priced at $63, this grinder is affordable and comes in an assortment of colours. It’s also guaranteed by the manufacturer to last a lifetime, so if you’re not ready to shell out $140 for the Santa Cruz Grinder, this is a great alternative.

Narrowing down our favorites to 12 was definitely tricky, but when consider price, innovation and general usefulness, these ones all make the cut. Looking for something else? Head over to the online shop—we’ve definitely got something for everyone and usually at a better price than your local headshop.

Feature Image: Artiom Ryabov / Shutterstock

All product images: Grasscity