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10 Things Stoners Do Better

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Stoners catch a lot of shit for being stoners sometimes. There are a lot of unfair stereotypes that stoners have to deal with. The truth is that being stoners make us great at a lot of things.


Nobody snacks like a stoner does after smoking a few bowls. We also snack more creatively than others. Who among us has not cobbled together some random snack from the things we have lying around in the cupboard? Smoking weed is thought to heighten creativity. This would of course extend to the creation of elaborate munchie foods, like ice cream and frosting sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, or a Mountain Dew milkshake.

Avoiding Getting Into Fights

When was the last time you heard about a group of stoners getting so blazed that they got into a major throwdown with each other? It doesn’t happen. I’m not saying that no stoners fight, but we do seem to do a lot less of it. Smoking weed brings out the kindness in people, not the douchebag alpha-male. Why do you think they call it “kind bud?”

Accepting People

The kindest and most accepting people I’ve ever met have always been stoners. Before I started smoking weed, I found it hard to fit in. When I found my stoner friends we bonded instantly. They accepted my nerdiness, rather than seeing it as a liability. Now that I’ve been smoking for over fifteen years, I see the same thing happening with other people. My cannabis use throughout the years has made me into a more accepting person.

Being Chill

Stoners know how to live and let live. Basically, we are very forgiving people and it takes a lot to rile us up. Stoner circles generally have one rule: don’t be a dick. Yeah that means following rules of budiquette like, don’t pinch off people’s bags, don’t bogart the joint, etc. What it comes down to is basic human decency, something which stoners have in spades. Just don’t harsh our mellow.


You haven’t heard a real laugh until you’ve heard the laugh of someone who’s just toked up for the first time. There’s no other laugh in the world like it. One of the reasons I love smoking weed with greenhorns is because I love it when they bust up. That laugh is contagious too. Once someone in the circle starts laughing, it’s hard not to join in.


Stoners are typically very generous people. We love to smoke weed with our friends and we are more than happy to share with a friend in need. Herb is something that is definitely enjoyable by itself, but more enjoyable with a group of buds. There’s an old saying, “A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.”

Telling Stories

Stoners love telling stories. The longer the better. If you don’t believe me, then you have never been in a circle with a person who loves to tell them before taking their hit. We’ve all been in a circle like that.

Hiding Things

I mean hiding things in the literal sense. Most of us started smoking when we lived with our parents, so we obviously needed to be good at hiding our stash and pieces. As a result stoners are great at finding the most creative hiding places. The only issue is sometimes our hiding places are so good that we forget where we put things.


Well, conservation of our stashes at least. Yes, some of us could be a little better at it, but others have it down to an art form. I’ve seen people get a gram to last them almost five days. When we know that there’s not going to be an opportunity to pick up for a while then we can make that herb laaaast. Of course some people have the option of going to the dispensary, but this is a luxury that many of us don’t have

Problem Solving

Stoners are quite adept at problem solving, especially when it involves cannabis. We can come up with really complicated plots to obtain more herb and we can make decent snacks out of pretty much anything. Most importantly we can turn almost anything into something to smoke out of. Probably one of the most common questions that goes through a stoners mind is “can I smoke out of that?”

Stoners are great at doing a lot of things, like amateur engineering and not being violent douchebags. We can cook like nobody’s business and keep those around us entertained for hours with our stories. Stoners are just all around awesome people and I tip my hat to all of you. Now go smoke a bowl because you’ve earned it.

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