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10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains Online

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The internet is a great measure of strain popularity, and with increasing access to legal means of purchase, you can bet that everyone’s out looking for the hottest fire on the market. Luckily, we can track their every move with publicly available search engine data. To build this list, we took a massive list of strains and put ‘em through the analysis tool to see which were searched for most often.

We’ve taken a few off the list due to the likelihood that the searcher was seeking something else (Jaegermeister, we’re sure you’re popular as a bud, but the alcoholic beverage probably pulls more interest at the moment). Here are the highlights:

10. Pineapple Express

Coming in at number ten is G-13 Labs’ Pineapple Express, a blend of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. You’ve heard of the movie – okay, who are we kidding, you’ve seen it ten times – but chances aren’t so great that you’ve actually had your hands on this strain. It’s likely more popular for its name than its punch, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality bud; reviews are quite favorable and suggest an energetic effect.

9. Sour Diesel

Unless we’re mistaken, you won’t find anything with this name at the gas pump, so Sour D deserves all the search volume it’s getting. It smells like you’d think, and hits about as hard as its namesake might (please don’t try to compare them). It’s a top choice for those looking for help with depression, pain relief and stress, and it’s widespread enough that you’re likely to find it or one of its many cousins at the local dispensary from time to time.

8. MK Ultra and G-13

Despite the majority of traffic certainly looking for the infamous CIA project, we felt its fame earned it the right to show up on this list, along with G-13, which is a component of MK Ultra and present itself on the list of top ranking cannabis strains, though a bit further down. The government has long had a murky role in marijuana production, with G-13 being the legendary “secret government strain” that could make spies confess and sedate protesters into subjugation. All it subjugates now is our stress and anxiety, making this a super choice – if you can find it. Okay, it’s actually not that hard, with many Afghan-based strains who claim its name still widely circulating in the cannabis growing scene.

7. Purple Haze

Excuse us while we kiss the sky – thanks to this highly energetic strain named after the 1967 Hendrix classic. While the stuff he was smoking probably isn’t quite the same (but who knows? The guy must have had some pretty deep connections), it’s worth adding to the list just for the work it’s done to normalize marijuana in pop culture.

6. White Widow

If there’s one strain on the list that every strain aficionado must have heard of, it’s the crystal-coated White Widow. If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam and had a smoke or two, chances are good you had a hit of this balanced hybrid strain that provides an excellent yield for its potency. Due to its incredible popularity, chances of imposters are higher than with most strains, though the strain is very accessible and any dispensary claiming it is likely offering the real deal. Its name helps with the fame, as everyone loves the mental image of a snowy bud covered in crystals, but the approachable nature of the high (think relaxed and calm, but still talkative and upbeat) makes it an easy sell to first-timers and professionals alike.

5. Northern Lights

The second-highest in total search volume went to Northern Lights, though we’re sure some folks were looking for the aurora in the North rather than the cannabis strain. Regardless, this fast-flowering, highly resinous pure indica has been a mainstay for many years, likely sprouting around 1985 in either Seattle or Amsterdam’s Sensi Seeds. Not only has it been around a while, it’s also gained fame through pop culture references and will likely remain one of the most famous cannabis strains for a long time coming.

4. AK-47

This one cropped up in the top ten overall for two terms, both “AK 47” and “AK-47”. While it’s also the most widely used firearm in the world, searches for “AK-47 strain” were also high enough that we felt it deserved a top-5 position. A mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics, AK-47 offers a mellow high despite its excellent THC percentage. Originally stemming from Serious Seeds, it’s won 19 awards over its long history, including the highest THC content in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. Despite its age, it still boasts many devoted fans throughout the world.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies actually came in at the top of our list, but we’ve knocked it down a few spaces for the same reason we knocked Northern Lights – those Thin Mints are pretty popular, but that doesn’t mean this strain isn’t also deserving of some serious recognition – it’s likely one of the best cannabis strains out there today if you’re seeking an uplifting high. GSC is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose rise to fame came quickly and constantly, with multiple Cannabis Cup awards under its belt and an ever-growing portfolio of devoted fans.

2. Skunk

While plenty of searches are going to the stinky white-striped critter, Skunk earns a high ranking thanks to its storied history and its special role in classifying one of the most common identifying elements of cannabis: the skunk smell! This bud was born in Amsterdam in the early 80s, and while you can still find it there, it’s more likely that you’ll find one of its many offshoots. Many of the most popular strains coming out today can trace a part of their lineage to this classic cross of Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold, meaning it will remain in the marijuana lexicon long into the foreseeable future.

1. OG Kush

OG Kush is the clear winner – there’s little chance searchers are seeking anything but the famous cannabis strain, and it’s gained widespread notoriety since showing up in the 90s. Nobody really knows what the “OG” stands for, but it’s no mystery that this strain ranks at number one. References in rap songs, frequent discussion in the growing community and numerous awards make this powerful and highly debated bud the top online marijuana strain.

Alright, those are our picks for the most popular strains online – sure, it’s an inexact science, but there’s no question that each of the above strains are hot topics in the marijuana universe right now!