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10 Must Have Pieces for Back to School

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It’s time for back to school and you know what that means. It’s time to drop the equivalent of your rent on textbooks, get used to getting up early again, and adjust to a new routine. It’s also time to buy some new pieces!

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Vaporizers are perfect for when you’re going back to school, especially in situations when you’re moving in with a new roommate, and you’re not sure how they feel about that dank smell. This sleekly designed vaporizer is made from double walled stainless steel, is compact and thus easy to store. It has precise temperature control, and is ideal for late night study sessions.

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer

Vape pens are a must have for any student. This stainless steel convection vape holds over half a gram of flower and is perfect for puffs between classes. It comes with three different heat settings, designed to be as accurate as possible. The vape even comes with replacement screens, a cleaning brush, and a lifetime warranty!

Empire Glassworks Glazed Kitty Donut Hand Pipe

This donut-shaped hand pipe makes an awesome companion for any wake and bake or before class smoking session. This pipe is handmade from high quality borosilicate glass, comes with a carb, and easily fits in the palm of your hand. This cute little piece is the perfect gift for an incoming freshman, out on their own for the first time.

Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke Grinder

If you’re going back to school, you will need a good grinder for your smokeables. This magnetic grinder from the one and only Cheech and Chong consists of four different parts, a magnetic lid and a scraper for your pollen. Available now for all your smoking needs!

Black Leaf – ELITE Beaker Base 6-arm Perc Bong – Complete Set in Box

This six arm percolator glass bong from Black Leaf makes for a great conversation starter, and is certainly helpful when it comes to making new friends. This gorgeous piece is made from the high quality borosilicate glass you’ve come to expect. The tree perc will give you the smoothest hits you’ve ever had. It even comes with an oil adapter, and a sleek carrying case for easy, worry free storage!

Bio Hazard Glass Straight Ice Bong

At first glance, this straight bong may look like any other straight bong you’ve ever smoked out of, but it’s all in the details. This 18 inch beauty comes with an inside cut diffuser downstem and an herb bowl with a roll stopper arm. The Bio Hazard logo is placed prominently on the side, so your study group will know that you have good taste.

I can’t wait to smoke out of this!

                                                                   Image Source: Grasscity


Blaze Glass ‘Twister’ – 4mm Glass Recycler Bong

The Twister is the ultimate bong to get you through the semester. Everyone should own at least one recycler, and you should get your hands on this one while you still can because supplies are starting to run low! This amazing piece comes with a wheel percolator and a honeycomb diffuser disc perc. It’s truly a great piece for transitioning from living under your parents’ roof, trying to hide your habit by smoking from a homemade piece in your closet, to toking up like a real damn adult!

Ballpoint Pen Stealth Pipe

This stealth pipe is shaped like your standard ballpoint pen and is ideal for those times where you need a quick pick me up before heading in to take a test. It’s simple, discreet, and super easy to use. Just make sure if someone asks to borrow a pen that you don’t accidentally loan this one out instead!

Aluminium torch pipe

Another piece for the stealthy stoner, this torch pipe looks like a standard small flashlight that you would carry on your key ring. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and comes in four different colors. If you for some reason can’t smoke up in your room, this piece will help you blend in when discretion is a must.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer

Go back to school in style with this vaporizer from CFV. This vape uses convection air flow technology to give you smooth and flavorful hits. It comes with a swivel mouthpiece, a digital display, and an easily grippable body. You can’t argue with a 20 second heat up time.

Image Source: The Harvard Crimson

Looking at these is actually making me excited to go back to school. What about you? Share in the comments!