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10 Homemade Pipes To Make If You’re In A Bind

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Cannabis smokers are extremely innovative when it comes to making pieces with materials found around the home. If you ever find yourself in a bind and without a bong, try some of these neat homemade pieces invented by creative, open minded people like you.

Apple pipe

Image Source: Imgur
A classic homemade piece, great especially when you are on the go. This one is very easy to make. Take a fresh apple, poke a hole in the side for the mouthpiece and carve out the top for the bowl. Load up and meet your daily recommended fruit serving. An apple pipe a day keeps the doctor away is how the saying goes, right?

Gravity bong

Image Source: Imgur
A favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, the gravity bong is great for conserving your supply and fun at parties! For more detailed instructions on how to construct the perfect gravity bong, check out one of our other articles here!

Pen pipe

Image Source: WikiHow
This one can be constructed in less than a minute, so it’s a great one to use if you are in a time crunch. Take a pen that is easily unscrewable, then remove the ink chamber and place the nib on the tip the opposite way that it would normally fit on the pen. Fill the nib with your cannabis and you’re good to go!


Image Source: WikiHow
This is perhaps the easiest one to make. Take a discarded toilet paper, or paper towel roll and cut a round hole in the side for the bowl. Cover the hole in foil, then poke holes in the foil. This was the first homemade pipe I ever made, so looking at discarded toilet paper rolls always makes me feel nostalgic. I’m kidding, that would be weird.

Water bottle bong

Image Source: Imgur
The water bottle bong is another classic that is quick and easy to make. Take an empty, clean plastic bottle, poke a hole about halfway up the bottle on the side. Stick a downstem in the hole, or use a pen if you don’t have one available. For a grommet, you can use a rubber washer, or either modeling clay or electrical tape if you don’t have one available. For a bowl you can use a metal bolt or the nib of a pen, if you don’t have a spare bowl.


Frost pipe

Image Source:
The frost pipe requires buying a kit online, but again it’s very easy to make, once you have the kit and follow the instructions.

Lego bong

Image Source: Pinterest
I’ve never built a bong out of Legos, so I can’t verify how effective this piece actually is, but there are many videos on YouTube on how to construct one, so it must work pretty well. Smoking out of a Lego bong is probably something you’ve always wanted to do, right?

Tic-tac bong

Image Source: Pinterest
This tiny bong fits right in your pocket! Drill a hole on the side of an empty Tic-Tac container, use a regular downstem, or a pen if you don’t have one.

Metal pipe

Image Source:
The homemade metal pipe probably will require a trip to the hardware store. Go to the plumbing section. There you will find many parts that you can screw together to make a basic metal pipe. There are many different ways to make one, just go with what you think will work the best. I trust your judgment.

Liquor bottle bong

Image Source: Pinterest
The liquor bottle bong requires using a drill, so make sure that you take all recommended safety precautions. I recommend watching a video tutorial before trying this yourself. The construction of the liquor bottle bong is very similar to the water bottle bong. Unlike some other homemade pieces, you can actually use this one for a long time.

An essential part of the stoner experience is learning how to make your own pieces. It’s a fun way to learn rudimentary engineering skills. Constructing your own piece gives you a sense of accomplishment, which in my opinion enhances your high. Of course, making your own pieces comes with its own risk. Using a drill can be dangerous, if you are not properly equipped, and smoking from tinfoil or plastic is harmful to your health is done to excess. If you truly want to avoid the hassle and risk of making your own piece, we recommend purchasing our medical grade products on On a budget? Check out our cheap bongs.

Featured Image Source: Flickr

What have you used to make a homemade piece? Let us know in the comments!