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10 Gifts Every Stoner Needs To Receive In Their Life

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Giving gifts to your stoner friends for any reason is pretty much a good reason! Whether it be their birthday, half-birthday, Arbor day or Earth day, there’s never no excuse to spread a little bit of joy to those that you care about. Personally I like to gift out little things whenever my friends to me a favor, or help me out of a sticky situation, and more often than not they turn out to return the favor, and it strengthens our friendship even more. I’ve made a surprising amount of happy memories when exchanging gifts with people, and you will too! Check out some of the things that ever stoner needs to be gifted at least once in their life!

1. Bud/Cannabis

Of course every stoner needs to be gifted some bud at some point in their life, it’s in fact likely the first gift as a stoner you’ll ever receive. The dub that your friend gave you way back when to smoke with your can-pipe, which you did in the bathroom with the fan on, so to try and hide from your parents. Of course cannabis becomes only a more common and vital gift as you get more experienced with it. I gift my friends cannabis all the time! For birthdays, for favors, even just because they’re good friends. They appreciate the fact that they can have multiple strains, and that I don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll use it! (Because I’m pretty damn sure they will!)

2. Papers

Papers are a gift that are seemingly unimportant and cheap, but what usually comes with your first pack of papers is your first joint rolling lesson, which is invaluable, to say the least. The art of joint rolling has been passed down for generations, and is constantly being improved upon. You aren’t likely to get the roll right the first time, unless you bought one of the automatic rollers, but with a whole pack of papers at your disposal, you can try again and again. Keep practicing!

3. Febreeze/Incense

This is one of the more ‘practical’ gifts that you could buy for your comrades. Of course you might not need febreeze or a ‘smoke eliminators’ if you live on your own and with like-minded roommates, but things like candles and incense still are worthwhile gifts just to be able to change the mood of a living space with some relaxing aromas. They also will support various activities and moods in the home, for example I light incense whenever I’m doing yoga, I believe it helps me focus on my posture.

4. Representative clothing/accessory

You can always go the direct route, buying your friend a shirt with a big ol’ pot leaf on it that says “God Bud?” and of course any stoner will love it, regardless of whether or not they actually wear it. Every stoner needs at least one piece of wearable representation noting the fact that they support the cannabis movement, just to say they do. If your friend is a serious supporter, you might consider helping them pay for a small tattoo, a little bit more permanent, but much more meaningful to be sure!

5. Hand-Pipe

A pipe is one of the most unique and practical gifts that you could possibly buy for your stoner friend. Of course, the variety of size, color, cost, and style all make this a very difficult decision, but one you won’t regret for sure. Don’t believe me? Check out my full explanation here!

6. A personally rolled joint or blunt

Nothing really says friendship like a nicely rolled fat joint. There’s something about their class, their ease of use, something about the way they fill up the room with smoke and the wonderful smell of cannabis, they just create the perfect atmosphere for memories. From the first joint ever smoked, to the blunt you hit while hotboxing your friend’s Honda, a joint or a blunt never is a poor choice when considering gifts that make the night memorable.

7. Poster/Tapestry

Not necessarily weed related, unless that’s the way you want to go, but something that represents the fact than an open soul lives in the home. Tapestries and posters and pictures all help construct the environment of someone’s home, and they greatly influence whether or not the mood of the room/home is either positive or negative. Get your friend something that speaks to you and makes you feel something that you would want your friend to experience while toking, whether it be serene, mystifying, or just exciting!

8. Freshly baked brownies

I mean, yeah, regular brownies could be considered here, because we all know that the munchies are a real struggle, and sometimes you just need to pig out on some brownies. However, what I was really referring to, was the magical-kind of brownies that stoners usually dream of. I make brownies only for the specific reason that I still am working on improving the consistency in dosage, which speaks to the level of difficulty that stems from edibles, but they’re so worth it! Especially for fledgling stoners that have yet to experience the beauty that is an edible, I believe it’s important, an obligation, really, to be with your stoner friend the first time they experience an edible just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

9. A stash-box

I’ve had various different stash boxes and tins in my life. I’ve had tins that look like unopened soda cans that hold my joints, I’ve had mountains of Tupperware containers to hold all of my cannabis in, but my most prized stash-box is definitely the wooden blunt-box my mom gave me for my birthday last year. I told her that I wanted something to be able to store my joints and spliffs in, but also have a section for extra bud, lighters, etc. After describing to her what I wanted, she didn’t hesitate and strode right back into her room and produced a small wooden box with a curved lid, it had a small divider within the box separating about three-quarters of the area from the rest. It was absolutely perfect, and I still use that box to hold all of my rolls.

10. Advice

The best thing about having friends that are stoners is that they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Stoners are open, relaxed, and very straight-forward when speaking their minds. This will almost always come to a benefit, whether or not you’re asking them about something cannabis related. Stoner friends won’t always give you the best advice, to be honest, but they’ll always try their best to be honest and to help you in any way they can. And isn’t someone just being there for you really one of the best gifts you could ever have?

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How many of those have you already received? If you’re a little short on the list, consider giving some of the gifts that you’re missing to some of your stoner friends, it could give them some ideas!